Radio Survey Results #3

Survey 3 has been completed, with Nova remaining consistent in owning their younger demo nationally, despite a Sydney Hiccup.

This survey really is the sportsman survey, with audiences jumping up in line with the start of the AFL season. The real winners in this increase in audience is Triple M who have seen a rise in audience across demos.

ARNs Sydney KIIS still leads the charge for the  re-branded network, however nationally its sister stations aren’t performing as well.

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Sydney Highlights

Slide4Sydney Results

KIIS have maintained and increased their market strength this survey. Despite a SOS decrease of 4% Kyle & Jackie O (KIIS) have convincingly maintained the #1 spot for P18-39 at Breakfast with an audience increase YOY of 23%.

The KIIS audience has seen further growth (for the third consecutive survey) with the P18-39 audience during the Drive daypart (13% SOS and 57% YOY). Moving into the #1 position Kate & Hughesy (KIIS) are proving increasingly popular with this audience as they overtake Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty. Nova has held the #1 position for P18-39 audience during the drive daypart since at least 2012 so this is a significant win for KIIS.

It’s been a survey of highs and lows for SCA. While 2Day continues to drop, Triple M continues to grow, building its position as a key player in the commercial market with its specialist content. Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa have seen a slight drop in audience (-4% SOS) making way for The Grill Team (Triple M) to move into the #2 position for P18-39 at Breakfast who have witnessed a 12% audience increase SOS. Also strong against the older audience The Grill Team (Triple M) have moved into the #1 position, up 67% SOS & YOY, against P40-54 audience at breakfast.

Conversely, Dan & Maz’s (2Day) P18-39 audience continues to drop from an already low position by 10% SOS and -50% YOY. Also struggling to win listenership with the older demo (P40-54) Dan & Maz’s figures are down a further 33% this survey and 14% YOY.

While the Triple M format is clearly working with the unique focus on sport. It will be interesting to see how 2Day move forward with their position in the market.


Melbourne Highlights


Melbourne Results

Overall ratings in Melbourne increased +16% SOS reflecting a healthy upswing in station listening, possibly due to the start of the AFL season and its coverage, with Nova the only station to lose ground especially against P18-39.

Against P18-39, Gold was a surprise hit with increases in both Breakfast and Drive reflecting a younger, fresher approach.

Smooth was also a big winner against the younger demo with a 65% increase in ratings in all sessions SOS (+19% YOY).

Against the older P40-54 audience, 3AW remains #1 in Breakfast despite a -5% slip but the Triple M Grill Team is a close second and overall they are #1 M-F BMAD.

The two biggest movers in the Melbourne Breakfast market against P18-39 were Gold and Smooth up by 43% and 71% respectively.

The only station to lose audience was Magic who don’t really target under 40’s and off a small base, Nova remains #1.

In Drive, Nova lost share to Triple M, Gold & Smooth but overall Hit101.9 (ex Fox FM) remains #1 against P18-39.

3AW has held its #1 position from Triple M in breakfast against the P40-54 demo; there is daylight behind to equal 3rd spot where Gold shares this with the sports oriented SEN station (big AFL focus).

Hit and KIIS have lost ground in Breakfast against P40-54 as they try to get their new formats up and running and resonating with P18-39.

SEN is the big winner in Drive against P40-54 increasing +20% SOS with their programme “The Run Home” covering all sports.


Brisbane Highlights


Brisbane Results

Survey 3 has seen a bit of a shift in the listening audience of the 18-39 demo. Triple M has risen into the top 3 across BMAD seeing a 36% rise SOS. Merrick’s Drive show has seen a 11% increase SOS and their Breakfast Grill Team has seen a huge 70% rise SOS and 31% YOY. It seams that their down to earth format is finally working, staying away from the typical formats of other stations and being true to their brand and their listeners has paid off which would be a nice surprise for Austereo.

Although Austereo has seen some great results from Triple M the same cant be said for its other station hit105 which was rebranded earlier this year. The station has seen 26% drop YOY with the 18-39’s and in Breakfast and Drive its isn’t any better with Stav and Abby seeing 11% loss SOS in Breakfast and Dan and Maz seeing 19% in Drive. When the rebrand took place listeners tuned in to see what was happening but it seams as though their new direction hasn’t be able to maintain listeners and it will be very interesting to see if this drop continues.

Nova have managed to stay on top with the 18-39’s. The only drop for Nova was with their breakfast team Ash, Kip, and Lutsy who have seen a 7% loss SOS. Their national drive show with Kate, Tim and Marty managed to maintain all their listeners from last survey which is a great result for the guys after past spikes and drops.

Unlike the younger listeners with the 40-54 demo we have seen consistent leaders from last survey across BMAD. ARN’s 97.3 is still dominating across all day parts although seeing a slight drop of 6% SOS. The station has also seen slight drops across Breakfast and Drive but the station as a whole has seen good results YOY. Breakfast with Robin, Terry and BOB have seen a 5% rise and Hughesy and Kate on Drive has seen consistent numbers YOY.

4KQ has seen a rise in listeners with the 40-59’s. They have seen a 17% increase SOS across BMAD and their breakfast show with Laurel, Gary and Mark is back on the rise seeing a 14% positive SOS and 33% YOY.


Adelaide Highlights


Adelaide Results

Adelaide had a volatile Survey #3 with ratings swinging between Mix102.3 (up) and Triple M (down) and only Nova the clear and consistent performer.

Against the younger P18-39 demo, every station except Nova lost audience in Breakfast and only Mix102.3 gaining audience in Drive.

Hit 107 has still not found its audience in what should be a key demo, languishing in 4th place and only ahead of the AM stations.

After a total audience drop of -8.3% SOS, P40-54 still call Mix102.3 their #1 station but only just with Triple M and 5AA close behind.

All the music stations lost ground in Breakfast as a clear indicator of lower overall audiences.

Mix102.3 increased +17% in Drive to remain #1 in that zone.
The audience gains seen in Melbourne due to the start of AFL coverage have not been replicated in this footy keen market, perhaps due to the fact that both teams are only sitting in the middle of the ladder.




Perth Highlights



Perth Results

There were no significant spikes between Survey #2 to Survey #3 which indicates that there were most likely no drastic changes in programming on any networks.

Overall, it appears that the main networks have their peaks and troughs in sync, indicating that fluctuations are less likely to do with programming changes and more likely to do with listeners tuning in and out of the radio medium.

YOY, in all incidences except 3, (6IX + 6PR with P18-39; 92.9 with P40-54) every radio station had a decline in audience; not one increased. This is likely accredited to the 15% decline in overall audiences YOY.

YOY, Mix94.5 (previously the reigning Perth champion) has declined 21% in listenership with P18-39, and P40-54 (this hasn’t affected its ranking with P18-39 too badly and it still maintains first place with P40-54). There have been no significant changes made to the SCA programming .

Between Survey #2 + Survey #3, there was an 8% decline in overall audiences with P40-54; however, two stations managed to increase their listenership; Nova93.7 by 14% and Hit 92.9 by 20% with P40-54.

Between Survey #2 + Survey #3, there was a 10% decline in overall radio audiences with P18-39; all main stations maintained the same audience numbers except 96FM who lost its top spot and decreased its listeners by 24% in this demo; this indicates that even though there was a drop, 96FM’s listeners didn’t migrate towards the main competitor stations and appear to have just stopped listening overall.

As a result, Nova (in spite of no changes to audience figures between Survey #2 and #3) has resumed its position as #1 with P18-39 (which it had maintained all year albeit Survey #2).


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