The third radio survey results for 2016 are in and KIIS wins the key dayparts of Bfast Drive against both major Demos in Sydney, and both dayparts for P40-54 in Brisbane.

Nova is a top performer for the younger demo, particularly in Brisbane & Perth.

Macquarie Radio Networks 3AW maintains Melbourne’s top spot for the last 2 surveys on P40-54 (Bfast and Drive).

The Hit Network grew by double digits on both demos YOY (+55% & +32% respectively).

Read on more from our OMD Radio Survey Dream team.




Sydney Survey Results

KIIS’s Kyle & Jackie O have taken out the top spot yet again for P18-39 Breakfast timeslot, with a comfortable gap over Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa of just over 12K. However Nova widens their gap over TripleM in third place, with a +14% increase SOS.

Continuing ARN’s dominance for the younger demo, KIIS’s Hughesy & Kate’s Drive show is in first place, even with a -12% decline SOS & YOY.

Whereas SCA’s Hamish & Andy saw an increase of +20% SOS; right on KIIS’s tail, with the smallest gap between the two networks (less than 2K) since Survey 6 2015.

P40-54 is dominated by WSFM this survey with KIIS in second place and TripleM in third.

WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda have knocked off fellow ARN network KIIS for prime Breakfast position for P40-54; with KIIS seeing the biggest drop SOS of -31%.

With less than 1% difference in audience between them, WSFM’s Jason Staveley’s Drive show has beat out KIIS’s Hughesy & Kate, despite both dropping SOS. Whereas Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty saw one of the biggest increases SOS of +56% for the demo.

Across both demos, breakfast, drive & BMAD have all seen slight decreases SOS.

2GB remains the number 1 network for Total People though, with +45% more audience than its closest competitor KIIS.




Melbourne Survey Results

Survey #3 has seen lifts in the younger P18-39 demo, thanks to Breakfast and Drive increases on Triple M.

After a near quadruple tie last survey on Breakfast, Triple M’s Hot Breakfast show with Eddie, Mick & Luke  has taken over first place on P18-39, with an uplift of +24% SOS.

FOX’s Drive show with Hamish and Andy is increasing it’s lead across P18-39, widening the gap between themselves and #2 Nova, with a +35% increase YOY.

While 3AW continues to dominate across P40-54 in the Breakfast daypart, Nova’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny has seen a massive uplift of +34% SOS and their highest audience in a year.

GOLD took a massive his this survey in Drive against P40-54, losing -33% of their audience and dropping to 4th place, after coming in 2nd last survey and winning Survey #1. Fox and Triple M gained some traction however it was 3AW’s Drive with Tom Elliot who once again took the top spot for the second survey in a row.

The Breakfast daypart has seen increased audiences of +5% across both key demos.  We expect 3AW to continue to dominate in the next survey as listeners tune in for election coverage.





Brisbane Survey Results

Despite being down -13% SOS, SCA’s HIT105 have held onto the Mon-Fri BMAD timeslot for P18-39.

  • While declines were seen against all dayparts, SCA will be most worried about Stav, Abbey & Osher taking a big hit in the breakfast timeslot with audiences dropping below 20,000 for the first time this year. A portion of the Audience seems to have migrated to NOVA

NOVA 106.9 have taken out both the Breakfast & Drive timeslots, both of which have seen audience increases since Survey #2.

  • Kate, Tim & Marty continue to go from strength to strength knocking Hamish & Andy from the #1 positon during the drive daypart.

Nova continue to close the audience gap with SCA, seeing an increase across all timeslots.  We expect Survey #4 to show both stations neck and neck in the BMAD dayparts.

ARN’s 97.3 is on the growth trajectory and holds the lions share of the market against P40-54.

TripleM comfortably holds second place against P40-54, with increases across all timeslots, with the exception of Drive where Merrick has lost listeners to 97.3, 4KQ and Magic 882.

BMAD (M-F) in Brisbane has seen an overall SOS decline (-4.5%) in listenership against P18-39. Despite the younger audience drop,  the older demo (P40-54) have increased listenership across the daypart by 7%.





Adelaide Survey Results

For the third survey in a row, HIT107 has taken out Breakfast for P18-39 and both Drive & BMAD for the last 6 consecutive surveys.

Although there has been a -18% decline SOS, Cat & Amos on HIT107 have held onto their top spot for Breakfast for P18-39 showing a +97% increase YOY.

With only less than 1K difference in audience, Nova’s Lewis & Lowe Breakfast show is in second place, hot on the heels of HIT107, with only a small -3% decrease SOS.

Hamish & Andy continue to win out Drive for P18-39 and increasing threefold YOY.

Across P40-54 TripleM & Mix102.3 continue to battle it out for Breakfast & Drive, with TripleM winning out for BMAD as a whole.

Roo & Ditts TripleM Breakfast show has won the last 3 consecutive surveys since taking over from Jodie & Soda on Mix102.3, with a +32% increase YOY.

Whereas Hughesy & Kate’s Drive show on Mix102.3 has now nudged out TripleM’s The Rush Hour with Jars & Louie to be the new Drive winner for P40-54, up +16% SOS.

Out of Breakfast & Drive, the latter is the only daypart to see an increase SOS & YOY of +1% and +10% respectively.




Perth Survey Results

NOVA’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun’s Breakfast show has won their 6th consecutive survey for P18-39, with HIT92.9’s Heidi, Will & Woody still at #2 and seeing the biggest increase YOY of +41%.

We have a new Drive time winner for P18-39: NOVA’s Kate, Tim & Marty have now overtaken HIT92.9’s popular duo Hamish & Andy, with only less than a 2% gap in audience, next survey will see these two fight it out again for top spot.

NOVA’s breakfast team continue their winning streak against P40-54 for the second survey in a row, with a +10% increase SOS and growing two-fold YOY.

At number 2 for P40-54 Breakfast, MIX94.5 Clairsy, Matt & Kymba are closing the gap on NOVA

Whereas MIX94.5 Drive team of Lisa & Pete cannot be beaten for the number one spot against the older demo; growing both SOS and YOY by +10% & +35% respectively.

Breakfast, Drive and BMAD for total people have all seen small increases YOY, whereas only P40-54 have seen increases SOS.

NOVA and MIX94.5 continue to battle it out for top Network across the two demos.





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