Radio Survey Results #3


It’s the third radio survey for the year, and our OMD Radio Survey Dream Team have put together the following summary:


KIIS holds their position as #1 for both Breakfast and Drive for P16-39. The most significant change against P16-39 was 2DAYFM which fell -22% SOS.

For the first time all year SMOOTH is the #1 station across P25-54. They hold a narrow lead over KIIS 106.5.


3AW continues its lead against P10+ up by 15% for BMAD, Fox FM picked up the 2nd spot off Smooth up by 31% SOS.

HIT101.9 has had a solid lead picking up the top spot for P16-39 for Breakfast and Drive.


NOVA 106.9 has taken out top spot in Breakfast, Drive and M-F BMAD for all demo’s.

97.3 is back in the top 3 for Drive for P16-39, this is the only demo with change SOS for the Drive timeslot.

Breakfast saw SCA take a hit as NOVA is once again on top.


MIX 102.3 was the top station for Survey 3, up by 2%. HIT 107 had an increase of 21% for P10+ these increases were seen across P16-39 and P25-54 also.

5AA was the top station for Breakfast and Drive, with Drive having an increase of 12%.


HIT remains on top for P16-39 Drive while NOVA took out Breakfast and BMAD for P16-39 with thanks to Fitzy & Wippa.

NOVA leads the way for P25-54 with increased audiences across Breakfast by +12% SOS, Drive +33% and M-F BMAD by +25%.



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