Radio Survey Results #3

The third National radio results are in- and Nova remains Number #1 for 18-39 yr olds in BMAD.

Smooth remains Number #1 in BMAD & Drive against its core demo of 40-54 in Melbourne.
Seemingly more of a struggle in Sydney, being hindered especially by the strong-performing WSFM Breakfast show of Amanda & Jonesy 

After a disappointing start to the year, it appears Triple M are pulling back its listeners for the footy season. Drive time has picked up significantly in Sydney especially (up 70% on Survey 2)

Drive has taken over Breakfast as the dominant day part for people 18-39, holding the largest share of Average Audience on the commercial network.

Read on for more survey highlights from OMD’s Off-Screen team.

Sydney Highlights


Sydney radio


Sydney Results

Kyle and Jackie O have been dethroned by WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda taking out the top spot for Breakfast with the 40-54’s. WSFM have seen a 22% increase SOS and a 66% increase YOY which can be attributed to ARNs extensive OOH campaign for the station in Sydney. Whilst ARN have still stayed on top they have seen a 26% decrease with this demo for Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS.

In breakfast, Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa, took out the #1 spot again against P18-39, despite seeing a 23% drop since last survey. As KIIS also lost audience, this gap remains constant.

A tough survey across the board in the breakfast session as all stations recorded a SOS loss in 18-39 audience with the exception of 2CH & 2GB.

Unfortunately 2DayFMs Breakfast show with Merrick, Jules and Sophie has seen a drop in listeners. The 18-39s have had a 3% drop and the 40-54s have experienced a 13% drop SOS.

KIIS may have failed to take out Breakfast for both demos but Rosso has taken the lead on Drive from NOVA’s Kate, Tim and Marty with a massive 42% increase SOS for the 18-39s. We have also seen a change with P40-54 with Lars Peterson taking out #1 spot, seeing a 16% increase SOS.

MMM have had some great numbers come out of this survey with the 18-39s. Across BMAD they have seen a 33% increase SOS and saw a massive 70% increase in Drive which is allowing them to slowly close the gap that they have previously had behind Nova and KIIS.

Sydney mon=Fri


Melbourne Highlights

Melbourne highlights


Melbourne Survey Results

Nova’s consistent and steady growth persists, with Nova 100 consolidating top spots in Breakfast and Drive against P18-39. Mesheland Tommy’s breakfast reign continues, with the duo settling in comfortably after their 3rd survey together. Despite a 25% decline SOS, the pair managed to keep the lead, bumping out Triple M’s Eddie McGuire, Mick Malloy and Nick Darcy, and FoxFm’sFifi & Dave.

Good to see that SCA has two stations sitting in the top 3 for Breakfast against P18-39, with FoxFM Fifi Box’s huge Melbourne following, making FoxFM third during Breakfast.

Fairfax 3AW’s Ross and John, are #1 in Breakfast against P40 – 54, with the talkback session up 28% SOS. 3AW also experienced a 37% increase in Drive against P18-39, which can be contributed to the increased AFL coverage with the 2014 season now well underway.

Nova’s reign continues with Smooth FM’s Drive Show with Byron Webb #1 in Drive against P40-54, with a massive increase of 59% SOS as it shifts to the dominate the Drive market. Nova 100’s Kate, Tim & Marty, top Drive against P18-39, up 2% SOS. Despite a strong start to the year, FoxFM’s new Drive show with Dan & Maz continues to decline against P18-39.

ARN’s Mix 101.1 and Gold 104.3 are both in the top 3 stations in Drive against P40-54. In the P40-54 demographic, Mix’s Drive Show with Rosso is up 48% YOY, while Gold 104.3’s is 2nd overall station.

Nova 100 is the number one network in BMAD against P18-39, and Smooth 91.5 is number in BMAD against P40-54.

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Brisbane Highlights

Brisbane highlights

Brisbane Survey Results

Nova is a consistent performer for the 18-39 demo. This is the 7th consecutive survey that Nova has convincingly held the #1 spot across all dayparts for 18-39 demo. With long standing talent Ash, Kip & Luttsy in Breakfast and Kate, Tim & Marty for drive, the station is resonating well with the 18-39 demographic in Brisbane. BMAD audience listenership (18-39) is up 4% YOY, particularly strong in drive daypart which is up 29% YOY.

Despite YOY decreases in all dayparts, with the exception of Drive, B105 maintains the #2 position for the younger demo. The Drive program with Dan & Maz saw a YOY audience listenership of 9%, while Breakfast with Labby, Shaw & Abby saw a 29% YOY drop in listenership for 18-39 year olds.

Mix 97.3 FM is the strongest station across all dayparts for the 40-54 demo. Breakfast audience is up by 6% and drive up 7% from last survey.

Nova has seen an overall increase across Survey 3 with the older demo, with increases across all dayparts. Coming in third to Triple M across BMAD and Breakfast, Nova has moved into the number 2 position for Drive daypart with significant SOS and YOY audience increases (29%, 33% respectively).

Survey 3 has been kind to 4BC talk back with the largest SOS listenership increases across all dayparts and audiences. This may be attributed to interest in the 2014-15 Australian Federal Budget and surrounding discussion.



Adelaide Highlights

Adelaide highlight

Adelaide Survey Results

Nova remains fairly consistent this survey, experiencing an increase in Breakfast audience and a fall in Drive for the 18-39 demo. Lewis & Lowe are dominating the breakfast market with an 8% increase survey on survey (SOS) and a 10% increase year on year (YOY).

Cruise13 is up 22% overall with the younger demo for BMAD, a welcome increase to aid the 63% downfall they’ve suffered YOY. People 40-54 continue to embrace the Cruise13 breakfast program but the Drive figures are down 21% SOS and 3% YOY. These figures may seems insignificant but considering the station is up 93% YOY overall, there may be a change due for the Drive time slot.

5AA didn’t have much to celebrate this survey. There is good news, however, as they’ve seen a 24% SOS increase for breakfast across the younger demo. Which is interesting for an AM station as the younger audience isn’t their target demo.

SAFM went up 12% SOS in drive for the 40-54 demo. This was the only real increase for the station with listeners pulling away from their breakfast offering across both demos.

MMM have experienced a jump in audience SOS for the 40-54 demo. Roo and Ditts are all smiles with their growth in breakfast, 48% SOS. The station is still down YOY but this is a good step in the right direction.

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Perth Highlightsperth highlights

Perth Survey Results

Against the 18-39 audience, Nova has maintained its number one spot across all daypart, something they have been able to keep hold of for the last 7 surveys. Despite declines, they still have a significant lead over 96fm

MIX94.5 lead the pack in all dayparts showing incredible stability against P40-54 over the last 9 surveys. Looking at it from a YOY perspective, they have increased their audience by 21%

Against People 40-54, 92.9 recorded the greatest gains of all stations SOS of 59% across BMAD, 64% in Breakfast and 74% within Drive. Unfortunately these results were unable to prevent their audience being down YOY at 13%, 25% and 32% respectively

96fm holds second place across the BMAD against the younger audiences. It has increased its audience both SOS by 21% which will help to recoup the lost audience from across the year, as it currently sits 34% down YOY.

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