Radio Survey Results #4

The Radio Survey #4 results are in: SCA will be excited for the return of Hamish and Andy to drive with the hotly anticipated results being released with the next survey.

The TripleM network’s sports coverage has helped its growth across markets and dayparts.

The KIIS network continues to perform despite some movement in ratings across the younger demos.

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Sydney Results

  • Survey 4 has seen great results for SCA’s 2MMM as the station continues to grow amongst the 18-39 demo across all day parts. KIIS 106.5 have taken out the number one spot every survey this year across BMAD until now. Taking a huge 26% drop SOS KIIS have moved to second position making way for 2MMM. This significant growth can be attributed to 2MMM specialist sporting content. This content must be resonating well with the 18-39 demo as 2GB have seen a 33% increase SOS.
  • Kyle and Jackie O are just holding on to the number one spot in breakfast amongst 18-39’s, with 2MMM’s Grill Team and Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa close on their trail. It will be interesting to see what survey 5 results bring for the number 1 duo in breakfast as they will not want a repeat of this surveys 24% drop in audience figures.
  • It didn’t take long for Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty to reclaim the throne as the number 1 drive team amongst the younger demo (1 survey to be exact). Kate and Hughesy (KIIS) although coming in second have seen a significant drop in audience (-28% SOS). 2MMM’s drive show with Merrick Watts has continually seen steady growth across the last 3 surveys.Sydney table 1
  • Jonesy and Amanda (WSFM) have regained the number one position in breakfast amongst the 40-54’s seeing an increase of 7% SOS, however the duo have to share the title with 2MMM’s Grill Team who are preforming well despite an 11% drop SOS.
  • WSFM’s drive show with Jason Staveley is continuing to resonate with the 40-54 year olds taking out the number one spot seeing an increase of 17% SOS. While 2GB and 2MMM tie for second place.



Melbourne Results

  • Overall Radio listening in Melbourne has remained steady SOS, however there have been some swings between the key players with 3AW losing momentum and Triple M increasing its share against the older demo; the major swing has been with the struggling FoxHit station who look to be finding its feet with a massive +19% (P18-39) and +33% (P40-54) increase across M-F BMAD
  • Against P18-39, KIIS and Hit are now #2 in Breakfast with KIIS moving +30% to take joint lead with its key rival
  • TripleM slipped slightly from its #2 position last survey but still offers competitive listening in Breakfast with Nova only slightly ahead of the pack – only 2,000 listeners separates all 4 FM stations in this zone
  • In Drive, there were less dramatic movements but both Gold and Triple M slipped while KIIS and Nova increased; FoxHit is still #1 but now KIIS is level pegging with Nova at #2 in this zone – will be interesting to see the Hamish & Andy effect next survey on FoxHit which is already so strong against the younger demographic
  • Against P40-54, TripleM and Gold have surged ahead in Breakfast to take #1 and #2 position respectively
    • 3AW took a massive hit in Breakfast – its cornerstone zone for talkback – losing -28% of this older audience
    • TripleM and Gold also increased in Drive, while both 3AW and SEN lost ground; overall listening is swinging to FM for this demo.
  • In summary, FoxHit and KIIS were the big winners against people under 40 while TripleM and Gold moved the most favourably against those 40-54
  • 3AW took a huge hit in overall ratings, especially in their 40+ heartland, so it will be interesting to see how they react next survey to regain share as they now sit in 3rd position M-F BMAD
  • melbtable




Brisbane Results

  • Nova remains the number one station across all dayparts for the 18-39 audience.
  • As expected with talent off air for a portion of survey 4 it hasn’t been a strong survey for the 18-39 demo for any of Brisbane’s breakfast shows. The only station showing an increased audience SOS (8%) is 97.3. Despite a SOS decrease of 4% Nova maintains a solid hold on the number one position for the 18-39 demo during breakfast with a YOY audience increase of 13%.
  • Triple M Drive has moved back into the 3rd position for P18-39 this survey after falling behind 97.3 in survey 2 this year. Triple M have experienced a 7% increase SOS and 23% YOY to take this spot.
  • The biggest increase YOY for the BMAD daypart with P18-39 comes from Triple M (23%) who have widened the 2nd/3rd place gap between themselves and Hit105.
  • Despite a SOS & YOY decrease of 14% 97.3 maintains the number one breakfast choice for P40-54.
  • The greatest YOY growth of the survey goes to Classic Hits 4KQ who saw a YOY breakfast growth of 80%, 67% increase during drive and 100% growth across the BMAD daypart for P40-54.
  • bristable





















Adelaide Results

Adelaide likes listening at Breakfast!

  • Triple M was the star performer in breakfast against P18-39, jumping up 33% SOS
  • Nova remained the Breakfast kings against this audience, despite an -8% audience decline SOS
  • Some big increases in Breakfast listening amongst the 40-54’s with Triple M up 29%, Nova +25%, hit107 +33% and 5AA +14%; the only station bucking the trend was Mix102 down -27%
  • Triple M took the Breakfast lead from Mix102 SOS against 40-54’s
  • In Drive, Triple M again posted a +33% increase against P18-39 but the biggest improver for the younger set was hit107 up a huge 50% SOS
  • Nova declined slightly by -8% however remain the number 1 choice for 18-39’s
  • Hit107 also posted a 50% increase amongst P40-54 in Drive, whilst both Triple M -20% and Cruise -33% declined in audience
  • Overall Mix102 remained the leader in Drive and remained stable SOS
  • For overall BMAD listening, Nova remained Adelaide’s station of choice for 18-39’s, with both Mix102 and Triple M the preferred stations for the 40-54’sadelaide




Perth Results

  • Between Survey #3 and Survey #4, there were no major programming changes on any station
  • Overall listening dropped with P18-39 by 15% (to an all time low over the past year) and rose with P40-54 by 16%
  • The station most affected by this drop with P18-39 (M-F, BMAD) was 96FM who lost 44% of their audience between Survey #3 and Survey #4; they were also 40% down YOY with this demographic
  • The station benefitting most from the rise in overall listenership amongst P40-54 (M-F, BMAD) was Nova93.7 whose audience grew by 63% with this demo SOS; up 18% YOY
  • The only station which didn’t decline SOS with P18-39 was hit92.9. It was also the only station that did decline with p40-54, indicating that it clearly has a stronger programming skew towards the former demo
  • Overall, it appears that the main networks have their peaks and troughs in sync, indicating that fluctuations are less likely to do with people switching stations and more likely to do with listeners tuning in and out of the radio medium
  • YOY, overall, listenership was down 18%; the medium is clearly decreasing in popularity; every station saw a decline except Nova93.7 who rose by 3%
  • Mix94.5 maintains its first position with P40-54; this trend has sustained itself throughout the entire year passed
  • Nova93.7 maintains it’s lead as #1 station amongst P18-39; this has only been threatened once over the passed year by 96FM during Survey #2 2015
  • perth table






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