The fourth radio survey results for 2016 are in and ARN wins both major dayparts for P40-54 in Brisbane & Perth.

NOVA dominates Drive in Sydney across both demos & P18-39 in Brisbane.

Macquarie Radio Networks 3AW loses P40-54 Drive time to FOX.

SCA wins against the younger demo across both major dayparts in Melbourne & Adelaide.

Read on more from our OMD Radio Survey Dream team.



Sydney Survey Results

KIIS’s Kyle & Jackie O have taken out the top spot yet again for P18-39 Breakfast segment, with a comfortable gap over Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa. However, this gap narrowed slightly since the last survey, by 1.63k.

SCA’s Rove & Sam Breakfast show is steadily gaining traction again, with a +15% increase SOS.

Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty Drive show has overtaken KIIS’s Hughesy & Kate for P18-39, coming first place with a +39% increase SOS. It is also ranked as the number one Drive show for P40-54.

SCA’s Hamish & Andy Drive show saw a decrease of -29% SOS among P18-39.

SmoothFM saw its highest average audience numbers within the P18-38 demo, experiencing a +48% increase SOS.

P40-54 is dominated by 2GB, overtaking WSFM which saw a -36% decrease SOS. Triple M secures second place and SmoothFM third.

Triple M’s The Grill Team have knocked off 2GB for prime Breakfast position for P40-54, with audience growth of +24% SOS.

WSFM sees a -36% decrease in average audience for people 40-54, ranking it 5th after 2GB, Triple M, KIIS and SmoothFM.

Nova is the number 1 station for P18-39, seeing a +27% increase SOS.


Slide11Melbourne Survey Results

Survey #4 has seen a consistent audience SOS.

TripleM continues to close in on Fox’s BMAD P18-39, with a +20% increase SOS, narrowing Fox’s lead to +8% (down from +19% in Survey #1).

Hamish and Andy maintain top position Drive P18-39.

Hamish and Andy’s Drive show has also gained top position across P40-54, narrowing edging out 3AW after a +28% uplift SOS.

3AW continues to dominate across P40-54 in the Breakfast daypart, as well as BMAD, achieving a +72% and +74% uplift YOY.

3AW have reclaimed top position P40-54 BMAD against TripleM, whose audience declined -19% SOS.

TripleM took a massive hit this survey against P40-54 across all dayparts. Despite holding 2nd position BMAD, SOS they have lost -19% of their audience.

3AW saw increases across all dayparts for P40-54, thanks largely to their election coverage. We expect Triple M to continue to close the gap on Fox’s BMAD lead.


Slide15Brisbane Survey Results

97.3FM have seen audience declines against both P18-39 & P40-54. The shifts have come from all dayparts, however despite the declines 97.3FM have been able to hold onto the top spot for P40-54.

  • A -29% decline across P18-39 in the BMAD timeslot has dropped them back into 4th position.

NOVA continue to go from strength to strength now dominating the market across P18-39. Audiences have jumped from 97.3 across to NOVA giving them a +25% boost vs Survey 3. This increase has allowed them to take out the top spot in BMAD for this first thing this year.

  • NOVA still hold the 3rd spot across P40-54, behind 97.3 & Triple M.

HIT105 have held relatively steady against P18-39 vs the previous survey, however are in a very strong position when compared to same time last year. The BMAD timeslot is up a huge +69% vs Survey 4/2015.

ARN’s 97.3 continues to hold the lions share for P40-54, however are only slightly ahead of SCA.

  • With two stations, SCA continues to be a strong choice for P18-39 providing a strong audience position, however NOVA as a stand alone is the clear stand out.

After an increase in listenership against P40-54 in Survey 3, Survey 4 has seen average audiences drop by -12%.brisbane


Slide19Adelaide Survey Results 

Southern Cross Austereo dominate in Adelaide winning Breakfast and Mon-Fri BMAD for both major demos.

Cat & Amos on HIT107 has won the Breakfast timeslot in 2016 to date for P18-39, almost doubling its audience YOY.  Hot on their heels though continues to be Nova’s Lewis & Lowe Breakfast show with less than 1K difference in average audiences.

Drive time for the younger demo has once again been taken out by Hamish & Andy on HIT107, winning the last 7 surveys and doubling the audiences for the station YOY. However much like Breakfast, Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty are in a close second place despite a small -7% decrease SOS.

TripleM’s Breakfast show of Roo & Ditts has won 2016 to date for P40-54. The battle has now been for second place, with a +12% increase SOS, Nova has only marginally taken the title away from MIX1023 this survey.

Hughesy & Kate’s Drive show on MIX102.3 has remained number 1 for P40-54 despite a -14% decrease SOS. Although TripleM’s The Rush Hour with Jars & Louie has seen a +48% increase YOY they now remain in second.

Only Breakfast for P18-39 & Mon-Fri BMAD for P40-54 have seen increases in average audiences of +6% & +2% SOS.



Slide23Perth Survey Results

For the 7th time in a row NOVA’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun’s has won P18-39’s Breakfast timeslot, with HIT92.9’s Heidi, Will & Woody still trailing in second place but with an increase of +10% SOS & +37% YOY.

HIT92.9’s Hamish & Andy nudged out NOVA’s Kate, Tim & Marty for the no.1 spot in Drive. With a  +2% increase SOS.

No.1 for P40-54 Breakfast has been taken back by MIX94.5 from NOVA who took a hit falling 16% SOS. MIX delivered an impressive +18% SOS and +35% YOY.

MIX94.5’s Lisa & Pete in Drive have again scored the no. 1 spot (40-54) which they have held since mid 2013! They have also still seen growth of +8% SOS and +27% YOY.

Breakfast, Drive and BMAD have all seen average audience increases SOS for both demos.

96FM have shown some steady increases YTD.

NOVA and SCA continue to battle it out for top Network, with NOVA slightly ahead against the younger demo and SCA capturing the older demo.


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