Radio Survey Results #4

The fourth National Radio Survey Results are in and Nova is still number one nationally against 18-39 BMAD have lost the national Breakfast crown with KIIS’s Kyle and Jackie O’s pipping Fitzy and Wippa at the post.

Smooth is still experiencing very mixed results in each market –Still performing well against 40-54 in Melbourne. Not doing as well in Sydney, being hindered especially by the ever rising WSFM Breakfast partnership of Amanda & Jonesy. 

Triple M is a real mixed bag of results in Survey 4 against both People 18-39 and P40-54. For example, the nationally syndicated Rush Hour show in Drive is up 50% SOS (P18-39) in Adelaide but significantly down in Sydney and Perth.

Sydney Highlights

Sydney Results

Surveys #2 – 4 have delivered consistency following the big change from Survey #1, proving that Sydney is a very competitive market. After, KIIS initial domination with Kyle and Jackie O, they have fallen back into the pack, with Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa maintaining consistently strong results against P18-39. The biggest shock has been 2DAYFM’s breakfast show, which has been unable to redeem themselves after the departure of Kyle and Jackie O, with calls for SCA to have a serious re-think about 2DAYFM’s format if they are to shake this terrible start to the year, despite their promise to give it at least 2 years before they make any changes.

KIIS 1065 Kyle and Jackie O are back on their Breakfast throne, increasing 50% SOS, as Nova’s comedic duo Fitzy and Wippa, are knocked to third position against P18 – 39. It is good to see that SCA are back in the game with their now dominant 2MMM Breakfast Grill Team taking out the 2nd position and up 48% SOS. Their huge focus on sporting content is paying off as we reach the heart of the sporting season, and their change in music has proven popular with listeners. 2DAYFM’s Breakfast Show with Merrick, Jules and Sophie, continues to fall another 37% SOS (drastic changes need to be made to recover). The biggest fall SOS is 2GB at 40%, which is aligned to the older audience. Despite this, WSFM and SmoothFM have had double digit growth SOS.

WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda smashed Breakfast growth against P40-54 that sets them +14% ahead of sister station KIIS at #2. Evidence that ARN’s heavy marketing campaign for WSFM has worked, combined with a change to a more contemporary format, ARN holds on to the top 2 stations in this category. 2MMM took out the #3 position, with a 10% increase SOS. In the AM category, 2GB and Alan Jones sit comfortably ahead of 2UE and 2CH, despite a 39% decline SOS.

Nova’s Drive show with Kate, Tim & Marty, take out the #1 spot against P18-39, despite a 17% decline SOS. KIIS 106.5 Rosso, is in second place, after dropping 39% SOS from his #1 spot in Survey #3. 2DAYFM’s Drive show with Dan & Maz, are up 3% SOS, maintaining consistent growth in 2014.

WSFM continues it’s reign against the 40-54 demographic, with Lars Peterson taking out the #1 spot in Drive, despite a 12% decrease SOS. Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty have showed the biggest increase, up 9% SOS. 2GB has recorded the biggest fall in drive against P40-54, with a drop of 48% SOS.

Melbourne Highlights


Melbourne Results

The longest running winning streak in Melbourne radio history has ended for 3AW Breakfast show veterans Ross & John after 99 surveys at #1 against total people losing to Breakfast with Red Symons on ABC 774.

Ross and John have held onto the #1 spot in Breakfast against P40-54, with the pair’s segment up 6% SOS. However, Smooth FM has demonstrated the highest audience growth against P40-54, showing a massive 168% increase YOY during Drive.

Despite being down 23% YOY with P18-39 Nova has still managed to secure itself a Top 3 spot in both Breakfast and Drive.  Nova is also showing steady growth with P40-54 gaining most traction with their Breakfast audience rather than Drive.

SCA continues to perform well, with 3MMM grabbing a spot in the Top 3 across all surveyed day parts and demos.

SCA’s Eddie McGuire – led team surged back to the #1 spot in Breakfast from timeslot rivals Meshel & Tommy (Nova).

Despite FOXFM  showing a  29% decline YOY, it is has shown strong growth over the last 4 surveys with P18-39 audience grabbing the #2 spot in both Breakfast and Drive.

Nova holds on to the top spot in Drive against P40-54 with Smooth FM’s Drive Show with Byron Webb.  This is a decrease of 6% SOS.  Nova 100’s Kate, Tim & Marty top Drive against P18-39 which is up 4% SOS.  FoxFM’snew Drive show with Dan & Maz has recovered since Survey #3 taking back 2nd place against P18-39 (up 26% SOS).

ARN’s Mix 101.1 has seen declines in audience against P40-54 SOS. However, their P18-39 audience for Mix’s breakfast is up 11%. Gold 104.3 has seen a 5% SOS increase in BMAD against P40-54 with modest increases in Breakfast and Drive.

3MMM dominates BMAD against P18-39 after an increase of 23% SOS, while 3AW is now #1 in BMAD against P40-54.


Brisbane Highlights


Brisbane Results

Nova continues to dominate the 18-39 demo taking out the #1 spot across all day parts for the 8th consecutive survey. Breakfast audience listenership (18-39) is up 5% SOS with Ash, kip and Luttsy continuing to resonate with their listeners whilst Kate Tim and Marty have seen a significant 21% drop SOS within drive.

A tough survey across the board in the drive session as all stations recorded a SOS loss in 18-39 audience with the exception of 4BH and 97.3FM.

Mix 97.3FM have taken out 3rd spot across all dayparts for the 18-39 demo seeing an overall YOY increase. The triple M team are behind in 4th place however are closing the gap in breakfast with the Grill Team’s Marto, Michelle and Ed Kavalee seeing a huge 89% increase SOS.

It is no surprise that Mix 97.3FM has taken out the #1 spot across all dayparts for the 40-54 demo again. BMAD audience is up by 22%, Breakfast 6% and Drive by 23% from last survey.

Nova is still coming in second in drive daypart with the older demo regardless of the slight drop SOS.

In Drive, Triple M’s Matt Tilley and Joe Hildebrand are struggling to maintain let alone grow listenership with a 9% drop SOS. This is good news for Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty who increasing their older listenership.

Survey 4 has been kind to ARN’s 4KQ seeing as rise SOS across BMAD and Drive. The drive show with Paul Kennedy has seen a substantial 42% increase SOS reclaiming 4KQ’s position from 4BC in drive.





Adelaide Highlights



Adelaide Results

Against the younger audience, Nova remain top of the pops despite decreases 15% (SOS) and 22% (YOY). Hot on their heels are Mix 102.3 who have closed the gap on them with their SOS  increases of 17% in BMAD.

With Nova capturing the attention of the younger audience in all dayparts, Mix 102.3 is the dominant station for People 40-54 across the same sessions. Despite a slight loss in audience (down 10% SOS) the Mix Breakfast team of Jodie, Mark and Snowy can breathe easy as they hold the crown for P25-54

SCA’s SAfm won’t be happy; they have recorded audience declines across the board. In every daypart, and across both the older younger demographics, they are down at least 25% YOY in every instance.

Despite audience losses in the majority of sessions for Triple M, they have done exceptionally well in the nationally syndicated Rush Hour Show (in Drive), increasing their 18-39 audience by 50% SOS. Nationally, drive time is becoming the core session to reach the younger audience which goes to show that Triple is no different.





Perth Highlights


Perth Results

Although a slight decline, Nova continues to hold the number one spot across all day parts against P18-39. 92.9’s SOS (16%) and YOY (22%) positions have increased against P18-39 which has put them just behind Nova, slightly overtaking 96FM and Mix94.5. This success falls in line with 92.9 new youthful shows which are helping the station capture the younger audience.

Despite Mix’s loss in P18-39 audience across the day, they continue to show promising results with a massive 74% YOY increase across all day parts. Good news for breakfast team Clairsy, Shane & Kymbaat Mix, as once again they are seeing an increase SOS for the breakfast day part.

Mix 94.5 have seen a significant increase YOY in both breakfast (27%) and drive (49%) and continue to dominate against P40-54 across all around. Mix’s Lisa and Tim seem to be hitting all the right topics with listeners on the drive home as they are remain the dominant station for this day part. The news isn’t as good for 96FM And Nova who have both suffered from a YOY perspective, but this looks to be changing as they have increased SOS against P40-54.

92.9 have seen a decline YOY across BMAD (35%), Breakfast (25%) and Drive (37%) against P40-54.They have only had slight increase SOS (4%) for the drive timeslot. This decline is most likely a reflection of their focus to increase audience with P18-39, a demo where they have seen increases YOY and SOS.



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