Radio Survey Results #5

The Radio Survey #5 results are in: 

Sydney was the biggest moving market in Survey 5 with shake-ups in Breakfast (Kyle & Jackie O down) and Drive (H&A up).
Hamish & Andy’s return to Drive have increased flagging SCA network Hit’s ratings across the board for P18-3.9.
Triple M’s Grill Team continues to dominate Breakfast agasint P40-54 especially in Sport mad markets like Melbourne & Adelaide.

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Sydney Results

  • SCA are going to be extremely happy with survey 5 results as both Triple M and Hit performed well amongst P18-39 – their core target audience
  • 2MMM has consecutively taken out #1 spot across BMAD despite seeing a 10% drop SOS, whilst KIIS106.5 has seen a further decrease in listenership across BMAD
  • It will be interesting to see if survey 6 will boot KIIS from the top 3 spot across BMAD
  • Big news for Kyle & Jackie O: the once unstoppable duo have finally been dethroned as the number one Breakfast team for P18-39
  • Both 2MMM’s Grill Team and Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa have overtaken the pair tying for the number 1 position
  • This is a huge win for 2MMM, we are sure SCA will be over the moon with a 78% increase in listenership YOY
  • Although still holding on to the #1 spot in Drive amongst the younger demo, Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty have something to be worried about…. THE BOYS ARE BACK!
  • Coming in at 2nd place, Hamish & Andy have increased Hit104.1’s listenership by 85% SOS; it will be interesting to track how the boys perform in the coming surveys
  • Jonesy & Amanda (WSFM) have maintained #1 position in Breakfast amongst P40-54, although seeing a slight decrease of 6% SOS
  • Coming off the back of last survey, 2MMM’s Grill Team have decreased by -35%, allowing Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa to overtake the guys against the older demo
  • Although not making the top 3, it is important to note that 2GB’s Alan Jones has seen a significant drop in listenership by 24% SOS
  • The networks are extremely close in the Drive daypart against P40-54; WSFM’s drive show with Jason Staveley is competing for the #1 spot, with KIIS’s Kate & Hughesy doing well this survey with +20% SOS


Melbourne Results

  • Overall it was a good survey for Hit/Fox FM, with the return of Hamish & Andy refreshing younger audiences and ensuring they remain #1 for P18-39 across the working day
  • After a bad survey 4, 3AW – Melbourne’s talkback giant – has regained its #1 spot against All People and has bounced back to be a strong contender against P40-54
  • Interestingly 3MMM still remains #1 against this older audience, demonstrating that a combination of classic rock, sport and blokey humour works well for them
  • Nova lost a whopping 29% of its Breakfast audience across P18-39 and P40-54
  • Meschel & Tommy will need to work hard to compete against 3MMM and Fox over the next survey period
  • Unlike its counterpart in Sydney who had steady ratings SOS, Smooth 91.5 went backwards in survey 5, losing -40% of its core P40-54 audience to the AM band, ie. 3AW and to a lesser extent Magic
  • ARN had a mixed survey result in Melbourne with KIIS101.1 down slightly in most zones against both demo’s and Gold steady against its core P40-54 audience
  • The specialist sports station SEN remains steady as the AFL season continues in this heartland market



Brisbane Results

  • Nova’s KIP & LUTSY hold the #1 Breakfast spot for P18-39 and celebrate the only audience increase YOY (+8%) across the demo & daypart
  • NOVA maintain a strong hold on the P18-39 audience BMAD with the highest YOY audience increase of +10%
  • With Hamish & Andy back on the airwaves, Hit105 has seen a SOS increase of +15% against P18-39, however the duo have not been able to lift the audience listenership against P40-54, where audiences are flat SOS
  • The Triple M Grill Team are hot on the heals of FM97.3’s Robin, Terry & Bob against P40-54 at Breakfast
  • While FM97.3 has seen a YOY decrease of -21%, Triple M’s Breakfast’s older audience of P40-54 has increased +18% YOY
  • Despite a SOS decrease of -6%, FM97.3 maintains a strong hold on the P40-54 audience across BMAD



Adelaide Results

  • Hit107 was the winner in Breakfast for the 18-39 audience, up +40% SOS however still trailing the lead station Nova who declined -17% SOS
  • MIX and MMM remained stable SOS in Breakfast against this younger demo.
  • It was a different story in Breakfast against the older P40-54 audience, with Hit recording -25% decrease SOS, Nova down -20% and 5AA down -38%
  • The breakfast audience shifted to MIX +38% and MMM +22% who became joint breakfast leaders with equal audience share
  • Hamish & Andy drove the HIT P18-39 audience up 50% on their return to Drive, however still falling behind the leading station Nova in this session who also increased +9% SOS
  • Hamish & Andy did not impact Cruise, MIX and MMM who all held their audience and remained stable SOS
  • Again it was a very different survey result against 40-54’s in Drive… H&A did not grow Hits Drive audience which remained flat SOS
  • Cruise +50%, MIX +29% and Nova +17% all recorded audience increases in this session. MMM was stable
  • The BMAD P18-39 audience remained relatively unchanged SOS, with the exception of HIT +29% and MIX -25% and Nova remained the station of choice with majority audience share
  • Against P40-54, there was more fluctuation in listening across the day as HIT decreased by -25%, Nova -17% with Cruise +33% and MIX +22% who remained the overall leader in BMAD



Perth Results

  • Hit92.9 FM has rocketed up to #1 position against P18-39, spearheaded by the return of Hamish & Andy in Drive who were up +31% SOS
  • In opposition, 96FM has been steadily declining in this younger demographic as it reworks its format to appeal to a more broad audience
  • This appears to be working seeing them pick up +31% in Breakfast against P40-54
  • Nova has lost some ground and its #1 spot against P18-39, caused mainly by a steady decline in Breakfast audience
  • Nova has lost 33% of its Breakfast audience over the past 3 surveys
  • Mix94.5 – the other SCA station – is holding steady against P40-54 despite 96FM’s inroads, remaining #1 in Breakfast and Drive
  • This makes it a good combination with sister station Hit92.9 to reach P18-54 in this market


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