The fifth  radio survey results for 2016 are in: 

ARN wins 3 markets for both P40-54 Breakfast & Drive in Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth, and maintains the lead spot in breakfast in Sydney

SCA continues to win the younger demo P18-39 across both major dayparts in Melbourne & Adelaide

NOVA dominates Breakfast & Drive for P18-39 in Brisbane

Macquarie Radio Network has won all three major dayparts in Melbourne since Survey 6 2015

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Sydney Survey Results

  • KIIS’s Kyle & Jackie O have once again taken out the top spot for P18-39 Breakfast segment, whilst also dominating the P40-54 Breakfast segment, seeing a +27% audience increase within this demo.
  • The audience gap between KIIS’s Kyle & Jackie O and NOVA’s Fitzy & Wippa continues to narrow.
  • SCA’s Rove & Sam Breakfast show saw its highest average audience numbers, seeing a +42% increase SOS.
  • Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty Drive show has retained its first place positioning for P18-39, despite seeing an audience decrease of -20% SOS.
  • SCA’s Hamish & Andy Drive show saw a further decrease of -39% SOS among P18-39.
  • WSFM’s Drive show overtook Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty for P40-54, seeing a +45% increase SOS.
  • Smooth FM saw its highest audience numbers yet for P40-54, becoming the #1 network and overtaking 2GB and TripleM. However the gap between the three networks remains very narrow.
  • KIIS also saw a steady increase in audience numbers (+30%) for P40-54.
  • WSFM saw a staggering +57% increase overall in audience numbers for people 40-54, however the network is still ranked 5th, after Smooth FM, 2GB, TripleM and KIIS.

    Smooth FM is the number 1 station for P40-54 seeing a +36% increase SOS

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Melbourne Survey Results

  • Fox continues to hold #1 position for P18-39 BMAD, despite a -10% drop in audience SOS.
  • Hamish and Andy maintain top position Drive P18-39 with 1% growth SOS. Nova consolidated their 2nd position with a +3% SOS increase.
  • Despite gaining #1 position last survey, Hamish and Andy’s show fell -41% across P40-54. 3AW have regained top position, despite no growth in audience.
  • While 3AW continues to dominate across P40-54 in the Breakfast daypart, TripleM continues to hold top position with P18-39.
  • 3AW have held top position P40-54 BMAD, narrowly edging out GOLD whose audience grew +23% SOS.
  • TripleM took another massive hit this survey against P40-54, and are now vying for 3rd position against Nova and Smooth whose audiences grew by +32% and +13% respectively.

Despite their election coverage and dominance across P40-54, 3AW didn’t see any massive audience changes SOS.

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Brisbane Survey Results

  • NOVA again take out the #1 spot against P18-39 for BMAD, followed by HIT105.
    • Holding onto their huge results for Survey 4, this is the second survey in a row that have managed to hold off HIT105
    • Despite being flat survey on survey, NOVA have increased their ave. audience by +24% vs STLY which is a huge success for the network
  • TripleM saw declines against the younger audience, bringing them back in line with 97.3FM. Triple M managed to just slightly hang on to take out the 3rd spot. The declines were seen across all dayparts, with Breakfast and Drive down -15% & -16% respectively.
  • While there were no changes in the top pole positions for P40-54, Survey #5 saw some significant increases in average listeners:
    • NOVA’s Ash, Kit and Luttsy continue to attract audiences and have a +33% lift survey on survey in the breakfast, which is putting them in contention to overtake Marto & Ed Kavalee (TripleM) in the next survey
    • With Kate, Tim & Marty, and highlights of Fitzy & Wippa’s Sydney Breakfast show, the NOVA Drive timeslot has increased a whopping +42% against P40-54
  • With the strength of 97.3 against P40-54, ARN remains the lead network in BMAD against this demo.

Listenership against P40-54 continues to fluctuate, with a +14% increase SOS. P18-39 stays relatively consistent only seeing marginal declines  (-2%)

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Adelaide Survey Results

  • Cat & Amos on HIT107 has won the Breakfast timeslot yet again in 2016 for P18-39, with audiences close to static SOS (-2%) and nearly doubling YOY. Their lead however has widened since Survey 4, with audiences now +25% greater than NOVA’s Lewis and Lowe compared to the +9% experienced in last survey.
  • Similar trends are seen in Drive Time with Hamish and Andy on HIT107 leading for 8 surveys in a row against the younger demographic. Despite audiences declining by -18% SOS, YOY increases are still evident (+23%) and the gap between Kate, Tim and Marty in second place has grown since last survey.
  • TripleM’s Breakfast show of Roo & Ditts has been knocked off the top spot held each survey this year to date for P40-54. Jodie and Soda of MIX102.3 have claimed the title by only a mere +1% margin, seeing a +37% increase SOS, which had touched its lowest point over the last year.
  • TripleM’s The Rush Hour with Jars & Louie have regained the top spot experienced in the first two surveys this year against P40-54. The show has seen exponential growth YOY (+118%), leading both themselves and MIX102.3 to take out the top 2 spots, with NOVA bearing the brunt of their increase.

P18-39 results were consistent on last survey against all dayparts, with no change in networks positions on the podium.

Top 2 spots however were reversed SOS for P40-54 against both Drive and M-F BMAD

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Perth Survey Results

  • NOVA’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun’s have won their 8th survey in a row for the coveted P18-39’s Breakfast timeslot; and still seeing growth with +47% YOY and +1% SOS.
  • With only 5K difference in audience, HIT92.9’s Heidi, Will & Woody remain steady in second place and saw increases of +3% SOS & +11% YOY.
  • P18-39 Drive seems to be a 2-survey-at-a-time daypart, with HIT92.9’s Hamish & Andy winning out the top spot again and seeing a +14% increase SOS. However with 2 surveys in a row under their belt this might mean NOVA’s Kate, Tim & Marty will bounce back and reclaim their spot since Survey 3 and continue the trend.
  • Breakfast for the older demo P40-54, have MIX94.5’s Clairsy, Matt & Kimba hold on to number 1 with NOVA in 2nd seeing a -16% drop SOS. Seeing the greatest decline was 96FM’s Carmen & Fitzi, with -21% SOS and -33% YOY.
  • For P40-54 Drive time, MIX94.5’s Lisa & Pete remain unbeatable, even with a decline of -16% SOS they’re still 6K ahead of NOVA in #2 which is approx. 80% audience difference.
  • P18-39 has seen increases in average audiences across the 3 main demos, with P40-54 seeing declines across all.

NOVA and SCA continue to battle it out for top Network, with NOVA slightly ahead against the younger demo and SCA capturing the older demo

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