Radio Survey Results #5

It’s the fifth radio survey for the year, and our OMD Radio Survey Dream Team have put together the following summary:


2GB’s Alan Jones was once again the top station in Survey 5 (P10+), up +7% (BMAD). Smooth FM continues to struggle in both Breakfast (-16%) & Drive (-17%).

KIIS 106.5 with Kyle and Jackie O was the number one station in Survey 5 for Breakfast for P16-39 & P25-54. Seeing significant increases of +11% +17% SOS respectively, is likely due to their recent trip giveaways to London. It is worth noting that the station also increased their audience numbers by a significant +24% SOS for P25-54 (BMAD).

Also HIT104.1’s Em & Harley in Breakfast have dropped back down to 4th spot for P16-39, despite a 3% increase SOS.


Even though it shed -2.2pts in share from its dizzying heights in Drive against P10+, 3AW reaffirmed its #1 status by demonstrating that it can drop but still be a monumental +20% ahead of #2 placed FOX.

With the birth of Hamish’s second child, the kings of comedy Hamish and Andy went on ‘Parental Leave’ for 4 weeks from mid-July. Their ‘Best Of’ however wasn’t enough to hold listeners with HIT experiencing a -23% decline SOS. Audiences shifted towards SEN and TripleM, in preparation for the AFL finals season.

GOLD104.3 dropped a mere -3% (P10+ BMAD) however it was enough to catapult the station into 2nd place behind 3AW & in front of Smooth.


Each station has held their spot across all demos / day parts from Survey 4 apart from TripleM knocking Hit105 out of Breakfast for P25-54.

NOVA continues to dominate the Brisbane market and still owns the Drive timeslot across all key demos with Kate, Tim and Marty.

Of the major stations only TripleM saw growth SOS (+15% P25-54), off a much lower base ARNs 4KQ are also up +67% (P16-39) and +23% (P25-54), all on M-F BMAD.

Overall the market has remained steady with very little change from Survey #4.


TripleM was the top station across P10+ M-F BMAD, up by +13% for the survey period.  Increases were felt across Breakfast on all 3 demos with Roo and Dits making an impact in the lead up to Footy Finals.

5AA continues to hold the top spot in Breakfast for P10+ holding steady versus Survey 4 and an increase of +10% YOY.

NOVA91.9 has increased it’s lead in the Drive spot for P10+ up by +25% for the period, with Kate, Tim & Marty dominating this timeslot.

HIT107 has taken a hit over this period for P10+, down       -28% for the survey, declines were also seen across P16-39 and P25-54.


NOVA have won all 3 demos for Breakfast in Survey 5, however they have now been dethroned as the winner of Drive on P16-39 & P25-54.

SCA are coming back firing with HIT92.9 taking out Drive on the younger demo and MIX94.5 winning P25-54. HIT’s Hamish & Andy have seen success with a +9% increase SOS despite their ‘Best Of’, and are almost 22% ahead of NOVA in this latest Survey. Whereas MIX’s Lisa & Pete have reclaimed their spot as #1 for Drive since the beginning of the year and dominating 2016, and are 18% ahead of NOVA in Survey 5.























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