Radio Survey Results #5

The fifth National radio results are in- and ARN is the dominant network for People 40-54 across all markets with strong performances across a number of their brands. 

Whilst there have been some fluctuations by Market, Nova remain the most consistent network across BMAD against the younger audience holding either the top or second spot.

Overall listenership is consistent across younger and older demos, despite some fluctuations by market.

Read on for more survey highlights from OMD’s Off-Screen team.

Sydney Highlights


Sydney Results

Nova 96.9 has consistently taken the number spot this year for people 18-39 across BMAD until now. Survey 5 has revealed KIIS 106.5 as the number one radio station across this market. No big surprise here as KIIS have continued to deliver consistent results this year across BMAD for the younger demo.

KIIS 106.5’s Kyle and Jackie O are continuing their lead as the number one breakfast team for people 18-39, increasing 11% SOS. Comedic Duo Fitzy and Wippa are climbing their way back up the ladder moving from 3rd  to 2nd position against the younger demo.

Unfortunately off the back of a good Survey 4 2MMM’s breakfast team have not had a great survey 5 against the younger demo’s. MattyJohns, Gus Worland and Mark Geyer hosts of the program have dropped from 2nd position to 4th, seeing a 32% decrease SOS.

Interestingly 2GB has redeemed listenership amongst its non core 18-39 demo making survey 5 their best results this year as the station saw an 81% increase SOS. Their coverage of the NRL season will have helped to boost these numbers

Nova’s Drive show with Kate, Tim & Marty, take out the #1 spot against P18-39, seeing a slight jump of 4% SOS. KIIS 106.5’s Rosso, is in second place, after seeing the same increase as Nova SOS. While the surprise this survey came from Smooth fm’s Drive show hosted by Byron Webb which jumped from 7th to 3rd position and has seen a 56% increase SOS, this change could be attributed to the stations focus to play more music.

Although still number 1 in Breakfast WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda have seen a 13% drop SOS with sister Station KISS 106.5 closing the gap in second for the older demo, evidence that ARN’s heavy marketing campaign has worked, as they hold on to the top 2 Breakfast shows against 40-54’s.

2GB have recorded a good survey in drive jumping up from 5th to 3rd place against 40-54’s off the back of this they will have their eye on WSFM’s top spot.


Melbourne Highlights


Melbourne Results

3AW’s Ross and John have held onto the #1 spot in Breakfast against P40-54, with the narrowest of margins over 3MMM. Despite just holding onto the top position 3AW has seen a 27% decline YOY but have continued with a steady increase SOS.

On the other hand 3MMM Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire have seen growth both SOS and YOY. This is likely the result of Melbourne’s strong affiliation with sport where 3MMM are covering more of the relevant sporting topics during a time where sport is at its peak and in resonance with its relevant target audience.

Smooth FM has once again experienced the highest audience growth against P40-54, with 50% increase YOY for Breakfast and 61% increase YOY for Drive.

SCA continues its dominance in the P18-39 market for all dayparts. Dan & Maz, along with Fifi & Dave must be keeping listeners entertained as Fox FM secures its lead over 3MMM and Nova. In all dayparts Fox FM have seen an increase SOS. This is great news for Fox FM as its steady SOS growth has slowly seen them climb their way to #1 after just missing out last survey.

Nova has seen a drop against both P18-39 and P40-54 in all day parts. This is likely the result of Fox FM’s dominance against P18-39 and 3AWs dominance against P40-54. In saying this, Nova has still remained in the top 3 for Breakfast and Drive against P18-39.

Despite holding top spot against P40-54 last survey, Smooth FM’s Drive Show with Byron Webb has dropped to 4th place. This has allowed 3AW to capitalise and take the #1 spot, recording an 18% increase SOS. This was followed with Gold FM 28% increase SOS with 3MMM just closing out the top 3.


Brisbane Highlights

Brisbane Results

Nova continues to dominate the 18-39 demo taking out the #1 spot across all day parts for the 9th consecutive survey. Ash Kip and Luttsy are still on the rise with a 5% increase SOS and after a bit of a drop last survey Drives Kate, Time and Marty have managed to receive a 5% increase SOS with the 18-39s.

A very tough survey across the board across BMAD for the 18-39 demo. With all stations seeing massive drops both SOS and YOY. For example B105 saw a 17% drop SOS and Nova saw a huge 26% drop YOY.

Although Triple M Breakfast with the Grill Team’s Marto, Michelle and Ed Kavalee saw a huge increase with the younger demo in survey 4 they weren’t able to sustain all listeners this survey dropping 3%  SOS putting them in 4th place overall. They have also lost listeners in the older demo (40-54) dropping 11% SOS. It will be interesting to see if these numbers continue to drop in following surveys or will they be able to maintain that massive spike

Mix 97.3 has once again for the 8th survey in a row taken out top spot with the 40-54 demo although seeing some drops across BMAD (6% SOS) and Breakfast (7% SOS).

ARN’s 4KQ has once again seen massive growth across all day parts this survey with the 40-54 demo. BMAD has seen a huge 50% SOS, Breakfast with Nick Michaels has seen a 33% increase and Drive with Paul Kennedy has seen a amazing 73% increase.

Nova’s Breakfast Team Ash Kip and Luttsy although coming in second saw a great 15% increase SOS for the 40-54

Survey #5 2014 brisbane bmad

Adelaide Highlights

Adelaide Results

Adelaide is a hotly contested market with only a few points separating the stations.

ARN’s Mix 102.3 Breakfast Show took out the top spot against P18-39, increasing 10% SOS. The “Fun Breakfast Show” featuring Jodie, Mark and Snowy, have trumped Nova 91.9 Breakfast Show with Lewis & Lowe, who previously held the number 1 spot for all surveys in 2014. The duo saw a 7% decline SOS, and a 21% decline YOY. SCA’s SAFM maintain third position despite a 36% increase SOS. This increase could be in part to SCA’s decision to cut out Ryan ‘Burgo’ Burgess from the Breakfast team due to lack of chemistry, leaving Michael and Hayley to run the show.

ARN’s Mix 102.3 maintain their Breakfast crown against P40 – 54, with a 21% increase SOS. SCA’s 5MMM Breakfast show with Roo and Dits continues their steady increase, up 18% SOS, and takes out the second spot against P40-54. ARN’s Cruise 1.323 Breakfast program with John Dean continues to decline, down 25% SOS and failing to prove a competitor for top spot.

AM station 5AA Breakfast Show with David, Mark and Jane, which only kicked off this year, has maintained a steady decline from a relatively strong start, down 10% SOS.

Nova 91.9 National Drive show with Kate, Tim and Marty, maintain no. 1 position against P18 – 39, despite a 9% decline SOS. Mix 102.3 Drive show with Sean Craig Murphy took out the 2nd position, holding consistent growth for 2014, with a 21% increase SOS against P18 – 39. SAFM’s Drive Show with fun-loving duo Dan and Maz is 3rd against P18 – 39 and is up 10% YOY.

Mix 102.3 continues to reign supreme against the 40 -54 demographic, with Sean Craig Murphy’s Drive Show way ahead of the pack despite only a 4% increase SOS, while 2nd place 5MMM Rush Hour Drive show with Jars and Louie is down 14% SOS. Nova’s sports-focused AM station, 5AA saw the highest increase in Drive against P40 – 54, up 63% SOS with their Sports Drive Show with Rowey and Bone. This increase could be attributed to the AFL business end of the season.


Perth Highlights

Survey #5 2014 perth

Perth Results

NOVA has remained a steady front-runner for P18-39 both recently and over the past year, however over the last 3 surveys, their average audience in BMAD has steadily decreased.

Overall listenership in Perth has declined across both demos since the release of Survey 4 (12% with P18-39 and 20% with P40-54)

96FM has steadily risen over the past two surveys (with a recent 9% increase) to overtake Mix 94.5 as the leading station for P40-54; (especially impressive considering the decline in radio listenership overall)

92.9FM suffered a significant drop in popularity but managed to maintain 2nd place with P18-39aintain 2nd place with P18-39

Mix 94.5 has shown the most significant decline in popularity over the most recent survey, with its average audience dropping 23% amongst P18-39; however, it appears to have been consistently fluctuating over the past 6 months so the lack of consistency could work in their favour for Survey 6.

While still maintaining their first position with P40-54 (firmly held since Clairsy, Shane and Kymba took over the Breakfast spot last October), 94.5FM has suffered a 13% decline in audience. Their listeners have potentially migrated to NOVA93.7 and 96FM who have shared notable increases in breakfast and drive audiences in spite of no actual changes to programming on the stations.

While 96FM’s overall average audience increased by 9% amongst P40-54, their average listenership within P18-39 suffered a 14% decrease, indicating that they might be appealing to the audiences within P40-54 at the expense of the P18-39 demographic

Survey #5 2014 perth bmad



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