Radio Survey Results #6

The Radio Survey #6 results are in: 

Hamish and Andy are helping SCA back to their feet with strong drive performance nationally against the younger audience.

NOVAs ‘consistent’ position may start to become a negative as other networks make big gains.

Sport consumption is declining for the youth, but growing for the olders – giving us insight into the evolving role of radio.

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Sydney Results

  • The hotly contested breakfast crown for the p18-39 audience has been snatched back by KIIS’ Kyle and Jackie – O after a disappointing Survey 5 allowed NOVA and MMM to share the top spot.
  • NOVAs consistency strategy in market cost them the top spot in breakfast, but worked for them in Drive and BMAD as they sit at number 1 against the younger audience.
  • The return of Hamish and Andy has continued to grow momentum with an 8% increase SOS. It’s not all good news over at SCA Towers as they hit104.1 recorded a 37% SOS drop in breakfast, which will be disappointing for Dan and Maz.
  • Interestingly 2MMM have recorded loses against the younger demos and gains against the older audience, which in the heart of footy season, we can attribute to consumption patterns of how younger and older audience want to keep up to date with their sports news.
  • Against the older p40-54 demo WSFM has reinforced it’s breakfast top spot with a 10% SOS increase. Interestingly, the drive audience shifts dramatically against this demo as the oldies migrate to ARNs sister station to tune into Hughesy and Kate at drive time.
  • NOVAs Kate, Tim and Marty drive team have performed well against the p40-54 demo which now means they share the same audience against the older audience as their sister station Smooth FM




Melbourne Results

  • SCA will be happy with this survey result as Hit101.9 took out the top spot in Drive and across the BMAD daypart against the younger audience. Breakfast team Fifi and Dave were narrowly pipped to the post by sibling station MMMs The Hot Breakfast
  • Hamish and Andy have been welcomed back on air with open arms by the youths of Melbourne as they grew 28% YOY from an already strong leading position.
  • The p16-39 audiences weren’t as kind to KIIS as they recorded double digit losses across Breakfast, Drive and BMAD Dayparts.
  • KIIS’ lost youth audience looks to have moved to NOVA as they recorded double digit growth in audience across all dayparts.
  • SEN (sports entertainment network) have replicated Sydney Triple Ms performance by recorded loses against the younger demos and gains against the older audience, confirming our trend that younger audiences are moving away from radio as their go to for sports updates, while the older audiences remain loyal.
  • Powerhouse 3AW, remains on top against Melbourne’s 40-54s, and reinforcing this position with growth across all dayparts.
  • GOLD hasn’t flourished this survey in their 40-54 heartland which will be disappointing for ARN as KIIS has failed to provide much excitement against either audience.





Brisbane Results

  • Hit105 have had a strong survey, with a 42% SOS increase in breakfast, 40% in drive and 27% in BMAD against the p18-39 audience. While this was only enough to secure the #1 spot one day part (Drive), it was the most consistent growth from any station, which is a positive for future performance.
  • NOVA, who have historically had a stranglehold on the Brisbane youth audience lost their drive crown to Hamish and Andy, and while they remain on top in breakfast and across the day, it is clear to see that Hit105 are after both crowns – one to watch next survey.
  • ARNs 97.3fm remain the number one station with the older p40-54 audience, despite losses in drive and BMAD.
  • Triple M have had a good survey, increasing audience in all reported dayparts except p16-39 drive. They will have their eye on 97.3fm’s top spot against the older BMAD audience after making significant gains (28%) survey on survey.




Adelaide Results

  • Hit107 have recorded a strong survey, with a 14% SOS increase in breakfast, 22% in drive and 22% in BMAD against the p18-39 audience. This has been enough to reward them the #1 spot in drive and across BMAD.
  • NOVA, who have long been the dominant youth station in Adelaide will need to reassess their position as SCAs Hit107s performance in this survey indicates their strength in this market.
  • ARNs Mix102.3fm remain the number one station with the older p40-54 audience, despite losses in BMAD.
  • Triple Ms Roo and Ditts recorded a 25% increase survey on survey against the p18-39 audience in breakfast, but unfortunately this is where the good news stopped for the station, as they recorded flat or loses in every other daypart for both the younger and older audiences.





Perth Results

  • We are seeing a recurring theme as Hit 92.9 starts to assert its dominance over NOVA in the battle for Perth’s youth hearts. Hamish and Andy have reinforced their #1 spot with the younger audiences. And Hit92.9 now sit on top across the BMAD daypart.
  • The good news, is NOVA are not taking this lying down and their breakfast team Nathan, Nat and Shaun have regained the #1 spot with the youth audience with a 25% SOS growth.
  • SCA’s Mix 94.5fm remains the #1 choice for Perth’s p40-54 audience across, breakfast, drive and BMAD. This is despite losses in breakfast and across BMAD.
  • Sister station Hit 92.9 has also shown huge growth against the older p40-54 audience, despite not being their heartland, they have recorded a 75% increase in audience in Breakfast, Drive and across BMAD.
  • ARNs 96fm has had a survey worth forgetting, losing audience against both the younger and older audiences in Breakfast, Drive and across BMAD




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