Radio Survey Results #6

The sixth national radio survey results are in and station domination is still very much a market by market proposition, driven by the talent, not always the music – ARN dominate in Sydney where Austereo dominate in Melbourne. Nova deliver consistently against 18-39’s in all markets – ‘talkback’ is king among older listeners.

YOY, listenership has fallen by approx 40% against 18-39’s and approx 30% against 40-54’s (across all markets & dayparts) SOS also in ‘double digit’ declines with few exceptions.

Personalised mobile streaming is becoming more mainstream, as is sharing music. Cars are now equipped with Bluetooth and music streaming digital radios as standard.

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Sydney Highlights


Sydney Results

KIIS 106.5 hold onto the number 1 spot this survey across BMAD ppl 18-39. Although remaining in 3rd position WSFM are steadily closing the gap increasing their listenership by 17% SOS. 2MMM have seen a 36% SOS increase which can be attributed to their coverage of the NRL finals season.

No big surprises in breakfast as KIIS 106.5 continue their lead as the number one breakfast team for people 18-39. Kyle and Jackie O have delivered a 267% increase YOY for KIIS, showing that they have the product to keep hold of their audience. 2DayFM have declined again with an 8% decrease in breakfast SOS.

Jonesy and Amanda’s breakfast show has shown consistent growth over the last 3 surveys taking out 3rd position against the younger audience. These consistent numbers show Jonesy and Amanda are not only resonating with their primary audience but are also gaining younger listeners. These results are indicative of the ARN halo effect with Kyle and Jackie O targeting the younger demo, in turn creating buzz for the network and interest in ARN as a whole from all ages groups.

Survey 6 has been kind to comedic duo Fitzy and Wippa as they come in 2nd place in the breakfast timeslot amongst ppl 18-39 producing a 44% increase SOS.

Although taking out the number 1 spot in Drive for ppl 18-39, Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty have seen a 12% drop SOS, showing how important Kate is to the show (she is on maternity leave). Unfortunately Smooth FM’s drive show hosted by Byron Webb could not hold on to 3rd position as WSFM swooped in to take a place on the podium alongside sister station KIIS 106.5 with Rosso.

WSFM take out the number one spot in breakfast and drive for the 40-54 demo. Jonesy and Amanda increased their lead in breakfast by 17% SOS – it will be interesting to see if any breakfast station can come close to the popular breakfast team in the upcoming surveys.

2GB regained their title of 3rd position against ppl 40-54 in breakfast with an 18% increase SOS after settling in 4th place for the last two surveys.

Although ARN take out the number 1 and 2 spot in drive amongst ppl 40-54, 2GB have fought back, coming in just behind KIIS 106.5 with a 40% increase SOS while 2MMM has seen their best result this year in drive amongst the older demo, with a 36% increase SOS. Footy fever has helped these two stations with their survey 6 results.

















Melbourne Highlights


Melbourne Results

All breakfast shows have taken a dive against the 40-54 audience this survey with the exception of Nova and Smooth which are up 21% and 15% SOS respectively

Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire has remained relatively consistent SOS yet again – maintaining the top Brekkie spot for 40-54s (not surprising given the strong sports affiliations 3MMM has in the lead up to sports grand finals in August/September). They have overtaken 3AW’s Ross and John who have seen a 12% decline SOS and a 17% decline YOY.

Smooth FM has once again experienced the highest audience growth against P40-54, with a huge 64% increase YOY for BMAD. SOS we could see this change mostly in the Brekkie show, with Mike Perso up 15%.

SEN increased audiences in both demos, again attributed to sporting events during survey period.

SCA continues its dominance in the P18-39 market for all dayparts. Dan & Maz, along with Fifi & Dave must be keeping listeners entertained as Fox FM secures its lead over 3MMM and Nova. Fox has remained fairly consistent across both demos while 3MMM declined by 22% in the younger demo.

Mix 101.1 has increased share by 20% SOS in the younger demo, most of this due to its Drive show with Rosso up 15%.

Surprisingly Nova has increased 36% BMAD SOS with the older demographic, perhaps stealing share from Mix 101.1 and GOLD, which both decreased SOS. Nova remained relatively stable, seeing very slight declines SOS in the younger demo, however remains behind Fox FM’s dominance against P18-39 and 3AWs dominance against P40-54.

















Brisbane Highlights














Brisbane Results

Nova continues to dominate the 18-39 demo taking out the #1 spot across all day parts for the 10th consecutive survey. Drives Kate, Time and Marty are still on the rise and received a 4% increase SOS with the 18-39s despite Kate being away on maternity leave which has caused decrease in listenership amongst other markets.

Nova’s Breakfast remained consistent with the 18-39’s but have recorded a big drop with the 40-54 demo – now in third position with a 18% decrease SOS.

BMAD has definitely seen some recovering numbers with the 18-39 demo this survey. The race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th is very tight between Triple M, 97.3FM and B105. Triple M saw a 13% increase and 97.3 saw a 10% increase both SOS.

Triple M has seen consistent results across both demos thanks to the footy finals season. With the 18-39’s the Breakfast team with Marto, Michelle and Ed Kavalee saw a 18% increase SOS and 13% increase across BMAD. With the 40-54 demo The Grill Team saw a 17% SOS increase and Drive saw 4% SOS and 30% YOY.

Mix 97.3 has once again for the 9th survey in a row taken out top spot with the 40-54 demo although seeing some drops across BMAD (5% SOS) and Drive (3% SOS).

ARN’s 4KQ rise has ended after seeing some drops across BMAD and Breakfast for this survey with the 40-54s. Breakfast with Nick Michaels saw a 7% descent SOS and a 25% drop YOY, whilst BMAD saw a 6% decrease SOS and a 12% loss YOY.















Adelaide Highlights


Adelaide Results

The Adelaide market remains competitive, with three top networks holding strong positions across both the 18-39 & 40-54 demographics.

Nova’s 91.9 Breakfast Show with Lewis and Lowe regained the top spot against p18-39, after slipping to ARN’s Mix 102.3 in Survey #5. Up 7%, the comedic duo were closely followed by SCA’s SAFM breakfast show with Michael and Hayley. The pair recorded the second highest increase in the pack against P18-39, up 24% SOS, and proves SCA’s decision to reduce the breakfast team to three, has paid off. Despite consistent results and strong potential to dominate the market, Hayley and Michael will be turning off their mics on October 10 due to family commitments. This will see new talent hit the Adelaide market for the end of 2014 which could shake things up. ARN’s 102.3 Fun Breakfast Show with Jodie, Mark and Snowy, moved from first position in survey #5 to third position in survey #6, falling down 25% SOS.

The breakfast time slot against P40-54 sees Mix 102.3 pulling away from the pack, with a 13% increase SOS. The Fun Breakfast show has maintained the number 1 spot all year, with newcomer & former AFL player Mark Soderstrom, who joined at the start of 2014, bringing an array of sports content to the team which has proved favourable with the listeners. SCA’s 5MMM Breakfast show with Roo and Dits fell 5% SOS to take out second place against P40-54 as the duo of sporting legends wraps up their AFL season coverage.

AM Station 5AA Breakfast show with David, Mark and Jane, have had their strongest survey results since Survey #2, against P40-54, with the new team up 28% SOS. The other AM station in the market, ARN’s Cruise 1323 continues to decline in both demos, except in Breakfast against P18-39, where John Dean’s breakfast show has increased 6% SOS.

Nova 91.9 national drive show with Kate, Tim & Marty, continue their reign over drive against p18-39, up 25% SOS, despite Kate’s absence from the show. SAFM’s Drive show with Dan and Maz continues to climb, with the duo up 15% SOS, against P18-39, and recording their best results this year. Mix 102.3 Drive show with Sean Craig Murphy, went down 23% SOS, recording his lowest results since Survey #2 for the younger demo

However against the 40-54 demographic, Sean Craig Murphy takes out the number 1 spot in Drive, with a 13% increase SOS. Despite this lead, Nova’s 5AA and Nova 91.9 recorded their highest results, up 24% and 39% SOS, respectively. The AM station 5AA, sports drive show with Rowey and Bone jumped up 24% SOS, with increased listenership attributed to the AFL finals, while Nova 91.9 Kate, Tim and Marty were up 39% SOS.















Perth Highlights


Perth Results

While the radio medium in Perth has suffered a significant decline in popularity over the past year, overall, it appears that there has been a 10% increase in listenership against the two demographics, with approx 12,000 more people tuning in across BMAD since Survey #5

NOVA continues to remain a steady front-runner for P18-39; contrary to slow and steady recent decreases in popularity, NOVA 93.7 endured a 26% spike in interest, taking their listenership to the highest it has been since Survey #6 2013

Since the commencement of 2014, the popularity between 96FM, 92.9Mix and 94.5 (respectively 2nd, 3rd and 4th) regularly fluctuates with P18-39, indicating that their current positions are most likely unstable

The change in popularity between Survey #5 and Survey #6 for every single station was inverted between the two demographics; This  indicates an increasingly clear split of interests between P18-39 and P40-54 in Perth. It appears that stations can only appeal to one demographic at the expense of the other

This premise is most clearly supported by 96FM, whose average audience increased by 22% amongst P18-39, while it dropped by 20% with P40-54.

With P40-54, 96FM has dropped back down to 2nd place, leaving Mix 94.5 to resume its position as the leading station with this demographic; (NB: 94.5 actually dropped in popularity by 2% since Survey #5, only managing to reach first place because Mix 94.5 suffered a more significant decline)

While the P18-39 demographic has a clear split of station listenership, (significantly favouring the main commercial networks over 6IX and 6PR), amongst P40-54, the popularity status between the stations from Survey #5 to Survey #6 has grown increasingly close together with assorted rises and falls, indicating a more mixed range of interest within the demographic.  


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