Radio Survey Results #7 2016

This edition, our Head of Off-Screen Trading, Jo Dick, gives us her executive summary of the radio landscape:

  • Celebrations are afoot at Macquarie Media with 2GB claiming their 100th survey win in a row. The Networks’ ability to build a solid, loyal listener base has paid dividends by delivering consistent audience results. Love them or hate them, this underpins that fact that Talent continues to play a key role in delivering the numbers. The only threat for the Network, from a revenue perspective, would be if the ABC was to commence monetising their assets, as was suggested in a memo released by ABC Radio in October “we want to take advantage of reasonable opportunities to monetize and offset the cost of our activities and to extend the offering to the widest audience possible”
  • Despite the multitude of entertainment options available for the 18-39’s they are still tuning into radio; this survey revealed an increase in ave audience vs previous survey and was primarily driven by an uplift in FM listenership.
  • How much does it cost buy a radio station? $6M is reported to be a recent offer on the table, $4m short of the price Macquarie wants for 2CH. The long awaited sale of 2CH continues to be drawn out as Macquarie Media are now in breech of the Media Ownership laws (they currently hold 3 Sydney licences). The station will not be bought by any of the commercial networks as they all currently hold 2 Sydney licences (the maximum allowed under the reach rules)radio-2
  • In recognition that listening habits are evolving (streaming), the commercial and public broadcasters have collaborated to create an App that will feature all stations. RadioApp is set to launch in November and is strategically placed to make listening across devices simpler.




Survey Summary



Network Snapshot



Sydney Highlights



Sydney Survey Results

  • NOVA overtakes KIIS and becomes the #1 FM Network for P18-39.
  • KIIS overtakes both 2GB and SmoothFM for P40-54, seeing a +42% increase in audience numbers SOS.
  • Despite a -5% drop in audience numbers SOS, 2GB remains the #1 radio Network for all people.
  • Audience numbers for KIIS’s Kyle & Jackie O show have grown +12% SOS for P18-39 and +38% for P40-54, making it the #1 Breakfast show for both demos.
  • In the Drive battle, NOVA’s Kate, Tim & Marty retains first place positioning for P18-39.
  • TripleM’s Breakfast show, The Grill Team, saw a decrease in audience numbers once again for both P18-30 and P40-54.
  • SmoothFM remains the #1 Drive show for P40-54, however audience numbers have dropped -19% SOS and the gap between their show and KIIS’s Hughesy & Kate is extremely narrow.
  • SCA’s Hamish & Andy Drive show saw a decrease of -12% SOS amongst P18-39.

KIIS regains audience share from SmoothFM and 2GB, becoming #1 FM network for P40-54


Sydney: Mon-Fri BMAD




Melbourne Highlights



Melbourne Survey Results

  • Fox has furthered consolidated #1 position for P18-39 with a +35% increase SOS, extending the lead against challengers Triple M and NOVA.
  • Fox’s Hamish & Andy extended the lead against Drive P18-39 with a +19% increase SOS.
  • Against P40-54 BMAD, Triple M and KIIS 101.1 experienced strong SOS growth, +45% and +20% respectively.
  • Triple M, against P40-54, have regained #1 position for the first time since Survey #3 2016. This is impressive given Triple M’s extensive sporting coverage, which ended last survey.
  • Meanwhile across Breakfast P40-54, Triple M’s Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy and Luke Darcy extended #1 position with a 40% increase SOS. 3AW, which previously held #1 position, are now 2nd after a SOS change of -26%.
  • Despite the success against P40-54, Triple M have lost #1 position against P18-39 to Fox FM, whose audience increased by +19% SOS.
  • Watch this space to see whether the gradual wind up of talent for 2016 affects Survey #8 results.

Triple M is the clear winner against P40-54, increasing SOS across both Breakfast and Drive by +40% and +15% respectively. This is impressive, given audiences were predicted to shift to other stations following the conclusion of the footy finals.

Melbourne Mon-Fri BMAD



Brisbane Highlights



Brisbane Survey Results

  • NOVA holds onto the highest average audience for P10+, but more importantly against the key buying demo of P18-39 in BMAD. Both the breakfast and drive timeslots have seen increases of +6% survey on survey, and are up a huge +34% & +28% year on year
  • They are still sitting in second spot in Drive with audiences still preferring HIT105’s drive combo of Hamish & Andy, followed by a Rove & Sam Catch Up which has again increased by +3% SoS
  • With no changes to the results against P40-54, 97.3FM take out #1 for the 6th survey in a row despite seeing declines vs last survey
  • While still holding the strongest numbers, audiences have moved away from breakfast on the top 3 stations (97.3, 104.5, 106.9), with some moving across to 4KQ’s Laurel, Mark and Gary and HIT105’s Robin, Terry and Bob.
  • After a strong past 2 surveys, P40-54’s average audiences have dropped back -10% however are still in a strong position and are the second highest since 2014.ARN remains the strongest Brisbane network with 97.3 and 4KQ

Brisbane Mon-Fri BMAD



Adelaide Highlights


Adelaide Survey Results

  • On P18-39, HIT107’s Hamish and Andy’s Drive show has had a significant +45% increase SOS, setting them comfortably ahead of Nova, who were gaining traction in Survey #6 for the top spot
  • The duo have seen their highest audiences in at least a year, increasing YOY by +19%
  • HIT107 has once again taken out the #1 spot across all dayparts on the younger demo, gaining audiences both SOS and YOY
  • Albeit a decrease of -31% SOS on P40-54, MIX 102’s breakfast show with Jodie and Soda takes out the top spot, however Triple M’s Roo and Ditts is trailing by only -3%, with Nova’s Lewis and Lowe a close 3rd
  • TripleM’s Rush Hour with Jars and Louie have held onto their lead on P40-54 across the Drive daypart, despite a SOS loss of audience of -13%
  • The network has nearly doubled their audience YOY (+85%) and have been a consistent player since the beginning of the year, taking the #1 spot 5 of the past 7 surveys

HIT107 shows no sign of slowing down as it captures the #1 spot across all dayparts on the younger P18-39 demo, with BMAD SOS increase of +30%.


Adelaide Mon-Fri BMAD



Perth Highlights


Perth Survey Results

  • HIT92.9’s Heidi, Will & Woody have remained as P18-54 Breakfast winner in Survey 7! With increases of +12% SOS and +36% YOY, HIT have a comfortable +34% lead on NOVA’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun who have dropped -11% SOS & -30% YOY.
  • Hamish & Andy on Drive have won their 4th survey in a row for HIT92.9, they’ve seen a minimal drop SOS of -5%, and are +32% more than NOVA’s Kate, Tim & Marty audience in second place.
  • Breakfast for P40-54 has seen MIX94.5’s Clairsy, Matt & Kimba continue to hold top position with +37% increase YOY; NOVA remain in 2nd place with +13% SOS but are still sitting more than -30% under MIX’s audience.
  • MIX94.5’s Drive team of Lisa & Pete are unstoppable in Perth with acceptable growth of +14% SOS and the station grabbing their 18th survey in a row! 96FM and NOVA continue to battle it out for 2nd place, with 96FM just beating out NOVA again with a small +5% difference in audiences.
  • Survey 7 sees the older demo gain increases across the dayparts, with Breakfast up +13% SOS & YOY and Drive up +16% SOS and +10% YOY.

SCA reign supreme across Perth with HIT taking out P18-54 and MIX for P40-54 across the 3 major dayparts.

Perth Mon-Fri BMAD


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