Radio Survey Results #7

The seventh national radio survey results are in and radio listenership remains constant survey on survey with some growth within key markets.

SCA announced that  Hamish and Andy are set to take over the Drive reigns in 2015. KIIS has poached Hughsey and Amanda from Nova to take on the boys. Who will come out on top?

While not top in every market, Nova is the strongest national network against the younger p18-39 audience across BMAD.

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Sydney Highlights


Sydney Results

Historically the strength of the breakfast show is what captures the audience for the day, hence the importance put on the session. This is something that ARN has executed well within this survey. Mix 106.5’s Kyle and Jackie-O clearly won the breakfast lot against the younger p18-39 audience while WSFM’s Jonsey and Amanda mirrored this top spot against the p40-54 audience

WSFM remained the p40-54’s choice despite a drop in audience in breakfast, drive and BMAD. Due to the strength of their Survey 6 which secured a strong position with the older demo.

Nova remain the consistent network as they showed the least fluctuation in audience especially against their younger core target. In a landscape where audiences can be fickle and move around this is a big achievement for Nova and one that is testament to the programming and lack of talent change across the year. Nova’s drive team Kate, Tim and Marty retained the number #1 spot against p18-39.

Against the older demo, the 2GB juggernaut hasn’t recorded the best of surveys, Alan Jones breakfast show dropped back by 34% against the p40-54 audience, however while not great results, Alan Jones has seen loses in audience previously with competition from the ABC and has bounced back so we don’t predict this to lead to his demise.

Triple M is the silent achiever in the survey, while they haven’t taken any top spots, they have secured some hefty increases in every session against the p18-39 audience. Their drive teams, ‘The One Percenters’ and ‘The Rush Hour’ have grown the station’s drive audience by 47% survey on survey which is a great achievement.


Melbourne Highlights


















Melbourne Results

SCA’s FOX fm have held onto their #1 crown against the younger p18-39 audience. The race for the top spot is really on and Nova is hot on Fox FMs heels. Nova have shown growth in Breakfast, Drive and BMAD sessions against Melbourne’s youth, just not enough to pip Fox fm.

Melbourne’s older generation show some real fluctuations in their station of choice. 3AW’s Ross and John have held onto the #1 spot in Breakfast against P40-54. However SCA have won the BMAD and Drive slots across their stations against the same p40-54 audience. 3MMM won the audience across BMAD, while Fox fm interestingly was the number one drive station against the older audience fuelled by a 15% survey on survey increase.

ARN is Melbourne’s consistent station against the p18-39 audience, as both Mix and Gold recorded the same audience figures in BMAD as Survey 6. As the recent announcement that ARN are rolling out the KIIS format to Melbourne off the back of how well Sydney is performing we anticipate some big changes in terms of line ups and inevitably where the audience will end up.

Overall listenership in Melbourne is looking healthy with a 6% growth when compared to the same time last survey.

SmoothFM clocked up double digit growth against the p18-39 audience in survey 7, this can be attributed to the style of Smooth, while people assume it is an older station, it is the tonality of the music that determines the audience. With the rise of singers like Sam Smith which fits perfectly with the station identity and are popular with younger audiences will allow Smooth to be more desirable to younger listeners.



















Brisbane Highlights


















Brisbane Results

Nova is now on their 11th survey at #1 with the 18-39 demo across all day parts . Drives Kate, Time and Marty have Kate back from maternity leave and in result have seen an 11% increase SOS. They saw a major drop when Kate went on leave and have been on the slow path to regain their audience.

Nova’s Breakfast with Ash Kip and Luttsy have seen a 12% increase SOS with the younger demo but once again saw a drop with the 40-54 demo – still in third position with a 4% decrease SOS.

B105 has seen some positive numbers with the 18-39 demo this survey. Across BMAD they saw a 8% increase SOS and their breakfast team Labby, Stav and Abby came in second and received a 4% increase SOS.

Triple M has seen some drops this survey across both demos due to the conclusion of footy season. With the 18-39’s the Breakfast team saw a 4% drop SOS and the station saw a 5% drop across BMAD. With the 40-54 demo their drive show The One Percenters saw a 18% SOS loss and across BMAD they saw a 16% drop SOS and a 26% YOY.

Mix 97.3 has once again for the 10th survey in a row taken out top spot with the 40-54 demo although seeing some drops across BMAD (2% SOS) and Breakfast (7% SOS).

Fairfax’s 4BC has seen some great numbers this survey with the 40-54s with an increase of 63% (SOS) across BMAD and their drive show with Ben Davis saw a great 41% increase (SOS).




Adelaide Highlights
















Adelaide Results

The Adelaide Market has had a bit of a shake up this survey with SAFM Adelaide’s first commercial Radio Station having a major makeover.
Hit107 was launched on 20th October and has a brand new breakfast team. Amos Gill and Dani Pola are taking over from Michael and Hayley who decided to make a fresh start and end their show on the 10th Oct.  This new radio station mark aims to become part of everyday life amongst Adelaide’s women under 40.  As this makeover took place mid survey it will be very interesting to see how this new adventure shakes things up in the Adelaide radio market for upcoming surveys.

Nova 91.9 have taken out #1 spot with the 18-39 demo after having SAFM very close to their tails for the past two surveys. Nova’s breakfast Show with Lewis and Lowe also maintained the top spot against this demo seeing an 8% increase SOS and being well ahead of SAFM and Mix who both saw losses against this demo.

Drive has been hit hard with the 18-39’s this survey. Mix 102.3 has seen a 18% drop, Triple M saw 12%and SAFM saw 16% SOS

Mix 102.3 once again took out #1 across all day parts with the 40-54s although seeing drops across the board. Their Fun breakfast show saw a 12% decrease SOS, Drive with Sean Craig Murphy saw a 17% loss and across BMAD they saw a disappointing 12% SOS.

AM Station 5AA Breakfast show with David, Mark and Jane are still on the rise with P40-54. they have seen a 28% SOS which is great news for this new team. The other AM station in the market, ARN’s Cruise 1323 continues to decline in both demos, except in Drive against P40-54, where Mark Elliston drive show has increased 3% SOS.



















Perth Highlights


















Perth Results

Listenership is continuing to rise against both the younger and older demographics with a 2% increase BMAD with p18-39 and a 7% increase with p40-54.

Against P40-54 Mix 94.5 managed to increase its lead on its rival 96FM to maintain its number 1 position.

Perth audience are very clear as to who they love, the younger p18-39 audience seem to gravitate to Nova 93.7 throughout the day. While the same pattern is visible with the p40-54 audience as Mix 94.5 hold the audience across the Breakfast, Drive and BMAD sessions.

While it came in last place overall, 92.9 actually had its first positive survey result for a while, indicating potential for a comeback in future surveys

Unlike last survey results where all stations had polarising performances between P18-39 and P40-54, for Survey #7 BMAD, all of the stations performed similarly across both demos; 96FM and 6PR falling; 92.9 rising; the remaining stations fluctuating with no noteworthy peaks or troughs

The trend has maintained throughout the year that While the P18-39 demographic has a clear split of station listenership, (significantly favouring the main commercial networks over 6IX and 6PR), amongst P40-54, the popularity status between the stations from Survey #6 to Survey #7 has continued to grow increasingly close together with assorted rises and falls, indicating a more mixed range of interest within the demographic.


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