Radio Survey Results #8

The Radio Survey #8 results are in: 

A big year for radio with talent movements, huge shifts in audience and SMI growth.

SCA have had a bigger year than most, bringing back golden boys Hamish and Andy as well as luring Rove back to the airwaves.

A slow and steady year for NOVA has resulted in a good year for them.

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Sydney Results

  • With all eyes on Rove McManus & Australia’s favourite bachelorette Sam Frost as they step into 2days breakfast show the duo have failed to deliver any significant audience increase. SOS the P18-39 audience is up 8% and the while the P40-54 audience is up 75% from Survey 7 (which saw a 43% decrease SOS) the audience is sitting flat from Survey 6. It will be interesting to see how the figures track over the next few surveys as Sam & Rove settle into their new position in the Sydney market.
  • Looking at the year in summary it is KIIS and Nova that have come out as the number one and two stations for P18-39. Interestingly, while KIIS have seen a YOY decrease in listenership for Breakfast (-25%) & BMAD (-6%) dayparts while sitting flat during Drive, Nova has experience YOY growth in listenership for Breakfast (43%) & BMAD (7%) dayparts and are also sitting flat during the Drive daypart. We anticipate that 2016 could just be the year that Nova overtake the KIIS network as the number one choice for P18-39. Nova’s continued success may largely be attributed to the strength and consistency of key talent (such as Fitzy & Wippa) that has continued to build and maintain a loyal audience.
  • Despite Nova creeping up to take over the P18-39 audience, for P40-54 ARN have very much locked down the older audience demo. ARN have maintained a consistent hold over the number one & two position with WSFM & KIIS across all dayparts YOY. KIIS in particular has seen growth for the network with significant YOY increases across Breakfast (39%), Drive (118%) & BMAD (93%) dayparts.





Melbourne Results

  • FOX has seen yet another successful survey for P18-39 to wrap up 2015. The network has seen significant audience increases both SOS and YOY across Breakfast (24%, 48%), Drive (9%, 55%) & BMAD (10%, 44%) dayparts consecutively.
  • For the older audience (P40-54) the fight for the number one position comes down to Triple M, GOLD & 3AW with each producing strong audience figures across all dayparts (Breakfast, Drive & BMAD). Overall the winner’s position may be awarded to Triple M with the highest average audience across 2015 for P40-54 despite a YOY decrease of 6%. We anticipate that the three networks (Triple M, GOLD & 3AW) will maintain majority share of this audience in 2016 given their consistent formats and loyal listeners.
  • Overall Melbourne radio listenership is down YOY. Both demos (P18-39 & P40-54) have seen a decrease in listenership across BMAD Monday-Friday. Interestingly it is the older demo (P40-54) that has seen a larger decrease in audience (-8%) than the younger demo (P18-39) which has only decreased by 2%. Something that is commonly see with radio audiences at this time of the year.






Brisbane Results

  • Although picking up some momentum in previous surveys HIT105 couldn’t quite get there in the end. NOVAs Ash, Kip and Luttsy maintain the #1 spot in Breakfast against p 18-39, a title which they have upheld throughout the year. Interesting to note that the number one team in breakfast against the younger demo still saw a 28% drop in internship YOY.
  • Although seeing a drop of 13% SOS Hamish and Andy continue to resonate with the younger demo in the drive timeslot coming in at #1. Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty are not far behind the duo presenting the highest average across the year.
  • Hit105 could only hold the title for 1 survey across BMAD for p18-39. Nova came back with a vengeance only just pipping the station taking out the title for the year. It will be interesting to see how long Nova can maintain this position or if Hit105 can further grow their audience. We can confidently say Hamish and Andy’s success in Drive is helping the overall station position.
  • Survey 8 has further cemented the strength of ARN’s 97.3 against p40-54. The station has taken out the number one position in breakfast, drive and BMAD. 97.3’s trio Robin, Terry and Bob have grown their audience a further 17% YOY in breakfast which has assisted in the 13% increase across BMAD YOY despite the stations 21% drop in drive across the year.




Adelaide Results

  • Adelaide heated up this survey with Nova closing off the year with a great performance against the younger p18-39 audience. Their 17% survey on survey growth across BMAD has put them in joint top spot with SCA’s hit107.
  • Hamish and Andy still hold onto the top drive spot for hit107, however they have not grown their audience this survey. NOVA will hope their momentum continues with an 11% growth to take the drive spot in 2016
  • Mix102.3 continues to be the clear favourite with the p40-54s of Adelaide, despite loses across Breakfast, Drive and BMAD.
  • Overall radio listenership is down for both the younger p18-39 demo (-6%) and older p40-54 demo (-9%). This is a pattern we often see at this time of the year and not a reflection of Adelaide’s disinterest in the channel.





Perth Results

  • Drum roll please…… The battle for the hearts of Perth’s p18-39 is NOVA. The station has once again taken out the #1 spot in Breakfast and Drive. We are sure Nova are going to be happy with reclaiming the thrown for BMAD after being pipped at the post 3 surveys in a row by SCA. Hit’s 92.9 36% growth in listenership across BMAD can be largely attributed to Hamish and Andy’s success in drive. Although the guys do not have bragging rights for the summer we can confidently predict that they will give Kate, Tim and Marty a run for their money next year.
  • SCA will be extremely happy with survey 8, the final chapter, demonstrating the strength of 94.5FM against the older demo. The station has done similar to Nova, taking out the thrown for Breakfast, Drive and BMAD with NOVA being the closest contender.
  • It is interesting to note that all stations have received a decrease in listenership YOY across BMAD despite 6PR. The talkback station has seen a spike of 17% YOY for breakfast. This increase may be attributed to the older demo seeking news and current affairs in the morning.



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