Radio Survey Results # 8

Survey 8 has completed ARN’s best ever ratings year in Sydney – the gamble changing their station branding and investing in high profile talent has paid off. This bodes well for their plans in Melbourne in 2015 with the launch of KIIS 101.1, Matt Tilley & Jane Hall in Breakfast, and also Hughesy & Kate nationally in drive.

2Day network audiences have
declined dramatically in most markets this year, particularly Sydney, however Triple M stations have been Austereo’s saviour, delivering consistent and stable audiences across the board. We will see more changes next year in Sydney’s 2DayFM with a new Breakfast team, Dan & Maz. The hope is that they will lift audiences in Brekkie, an important timeslot as audiences tend to remain from Breakfast through the day.

Despite audience fluctuations and declines in some markets in breakfast, Nova in drive has remained a consistent and strong performer throughout the year – it will be interesting to see if the new KISS drive team changes this.

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Sydney Highlights


Sydney Results

The last survey of the year stayed fairly consistent. Kiss continues to take the top spot BMAD in 18-39’s demographic with a slight decline SOS but an overall YOY increase of a staggering 177%. This is attributed to the Breakfast show with Kyle and Jackie O, with audiences dropping off slightly throughout the day to take number 2 for Drive with that demographic. Against the older 40-54 demo, audiences have dropped only slightly SOS and YOY despite talent changes at the start of the year.

Nova comes in second for the 18-39s which has seen a slight increase SOS but a YOY decrease of 16% which has been declining slowly over the year (so, however, have overall audiences). Again most of this decline is seen in Brekkie, with Drive growing 8% YOY, with Kate, Tim and Marty’s Drive show seemingly working better than the previous mix with Michelle, Tim and Marty. Nova also falls in the 40-54’s, down 49% YOY BMAD.

Smooth audiences increased slightly SOS despite an overall decrease YOY of 18%. They have also decreased slightly with the older demo (40-54s), and decreased YOY by 45%.

WSFM dominates in the older (40-54) demo, coming in first BMAD with a strong audience in Brekkie. This is a change from last year where 2GB had the top Brekkie spot for the older demo. WS are also quite strong in the younger demo too, coming in 4th against the other stations.

2GB has performed strongly SOS but has declined YOY. 2GB’s following in the older demographic does not seem loyal, as it has fluctuated quite a lot over the course of the year, and what small following they had in the younger demographic has more than halved in the past year, the majority of this change coming from Brekkie.

Triple M has steadily increased over the course of the year with the younger demographic, in at the 3rd top spot overall for 18-39s with a 27% increase YOY. Interestingly, their audience must be getting younger as 40-54’s are dropping away, declining 16% SOS (not surprising due to the end of sports coverage etc) and 39% YOY.


















Melbourne Highlights


















Melbourne Results

Fox FM have continued to hold a strong spot with the 18-39 audience, but its Nova’s Smooth radio which have really taken the lead.

They are the only stations to achieve YOY growth across the 18-39 BMAD audience, with Smooth growing 48%. Much of this growth has occurred in Breakfast and Drive times.

3MMM have seen strong growth against a younger audience across BMAD, but especially Breakfast. This can be attributed to the spring racing events broadcast over Triple M such as Melbourne Cup. Talent such as Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy – the ex AFL player, also has a role to play in attracting listeners.

ARN have experienced mixed results with Gold growing against this audience, most notably in Breakfast – 18% SOS, however, Mix is losing audience SOS. With the rebranding of Mix for 2015, it will be interesting to see how the new format changes audiences.

The most notable changes for the older 40-54 audience are in Breakfast and Drive for both ARN’s Gold and Mix stations, and SCA’s Fox.  All experienced huge growth SOS.

Nova and Smooth have fluctuated across the year, but given the talent changes in Breakfast, its no surprise.

















Brisbane Highlights















Brisbane Results

Brisbane saw Nova remain in the #1 spot with the younger audience (P18-39), and while ARN’s 97.3 audience saw declines they still remained a fan favourite for the 40-54’s.

ARN has seen some positive results with 97.3 in both 18-39 and 40-54. Against the younger demos they saw improvement overall across BMAD and Drive with small declines in breakfast. While in 40-54 they lost 10% of their BMAD share SOS but retained the top spot with a good margin. 4KQ saw growth across both P18-39 and P40-54 SOS.

Southern Cross Austereo saw positive results with B105 increasing share with P18-39 by 11% SOS. P40-54 saw a strong lift in audiences. This came primarily from the drive timeslot which increased +25% SOS. This comes off the back of Mickey Maher’s departure in December. Triple M slid 6% in audience against the younger demo led by decreases in listeners during the breakfast hour, however they have grown 44% with the older audiences.

Nova remains number one for the 12th survey in a row against P18-39, with an increase of 11% SOS.  Ash, Kip, and Lutsy grew breakfast by 17% (P18-39) SOS while in drive Kate, Tim, and Marty dominated their timeslot increasing their audience by 28%.

Fairfax saw a small increase for 4BC in the older demographic with a substantial increase in breakfast countered by decreases in their drive audiences.

















Adelaide Highlights

















Adelaide Results

Survey 8 sees the Adelaide market remain as competitive as ever, with a number of stations finishing strongly.

Nova’s 91.9 breakfast team, Lewis and Lowe, maintained consistency in 2014, finishing off with their second highest share for the year, and up 11% SOS. In second spot, with almost half the share of Nova, is SCA’s 5MMM’s breakfast team, Roo and Ditts, who have gone from strength to strength in 2014, beating out competitors Mix 102.3 and SAFM in the 18-39 demo, and up 15% SOS. Tied in third position is Mix 102.3 Fun Breakfast show, up 15% SOS, and SAFM’s weaker than expected launch has continued, with their breakfast show with Amos Gill and Dani Pola, down 17% SOS.

Mix 102.3 has reigned supreme in the breakfast time slot for the 40 – 50 demographic all year, with the Fun Breakfast show up 16% YOY. ARN’s FM station has been pulling away from the pack, but this survey sees 5MMM’s Roo and Ditts, very close behind with a huge 28% increase SOS. The sport-loving duo are pulling audiences from both key demographics, and if they keep this up, they will be a main player in the new year.

AM Station 5AA’s breakfast team with David, Mark and Jane are down 10% SOS against the 40-54 demographic. Despite a decline in share during the middle of the year, the news-focused show has made a strong finish. ARN’s Cruise 1323 has gained momentum, with the breakfast show with John Dean up 56% SOS, with the combination of music and current affairs proving popular with the listeners.

Nova 91.9 national drive show with Kate, Tim and Marty has dominated drive for the 8th survey in a row, against P18-39 despite a 6% decline SOS. Hit107’s drive show with Dan and Maz, declined 2% SOS, and will be their last survey in the Adelaide market, as they move to Breakfast on Sydney’s 2Dayfm in 2015.

Drive in the 40-50 year old demo, was taken out by Mix 102.3, despite the loss of popular announcer, Sean Craig Murphy who has taken a new off-air role at 5MMM, who’s Rush Hour show with Jars and Louie have gained from Mix’s loss, up 24% SOS against P40-54. SAFM’s underperformed in drive, considering their target market is 40 year old women. Despite this, they were up 32% SOS, which could be the start of promising things ahead for 2015.















Perth Highlights


















Perth Results

In spite of a decline in popularity with p18-39 in Survey 8, Nova has managed to maintain a steady untouched number 1 position over 2014 with this demographic. Rivals 92.9, Mix94.5 and 96FM  have had a consistently close race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th position throughout the course of the year.

Across both demographics, in spite of dropping in popularity, Mix94.5 managed to maintain their number 1 position in the market, followed by Nova who also dropped in popularity overall; Mix was Number 1 in mornings and afternoons while Nova took the top spot drive and evenings.

Over the year, 96FM more than doubled its audience with P40-54 with a 123% increase.

Nova’s nationally syndicated drive program with Kate, Tim and Marty rose slightly in first place, maintaining a healthy lead against Mix’s Lisa and Tim, across both demographics.

Despite an overall drop in breakfast listeners with p18-39 in Survey 8, Mix 94.5 and 92.9 were the only stations to have grown their audiences. This indicates a definite migration of market from Nova and 96FM to the SCA stations, however there were no actual programming/talent changes or promotions to account for this spike in interest.

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