Renegade Writer of the Month for March!


Our Renegade Writer of the Month for March is Sian Lane (OMD Syd), who impressed us with not one, but two creative entries and accompanying mockups!

This months’ topic took  inspiration from the highly unlikely yet effective recent campaign from Tinder who paired with Amnesty International to promote Women’s Right’s.

We asked OMD-ers to think outside the box and engineer a hypothetical coupling; if you could fuse an OMD client with any other brand to create an unusual yet effective campaign, what would you do?

Read Sian’s innovative entries below!



I propose  AVEDA partner with Bunnings to create a new range of premium, organic plant potting mixes, composts, mulches and manures called ‘fleur-ish’.

Why should AVEDA and Bunning’s partner to create this:

  • Almost every category has beautiful, premium product ranges why not potting? With Aussie gardeners moving towards quality, there has never been a more perfect time for AVEDA to enter the market- ‘Nearly half of respondents (49 percent) in the March 2012 said they valued quality over price, compared to the 27 per cent who valued price over quality’
  • Aussies are also making a concerted move towards organic products in their garden as well as their bathrooms/houses/stomachs as evident by ‘GWAF’s 2011-2012 Winter survey, nearly three-fifths of respondents (58 per cent) had reduced their use of chemicals’
  • Finally Aussie’s want our gardens to be a sanctuary,  with ‘an astounding 86% believing that the health, wellbeing and relaxation benefit their garden provides is the top reason they spend time in their backyards’

Only the AVEDA brand has the power to unite premium positioning, with pure organics to create an environment that users would deem a sanctuary and through Bunning’s it instantly connects the product with 13 million Australian potential gardeners.

Also, it would zoosh up the potting/fertiliser aisle!


An unexpected threesome – Dove, Hasbro & Big W

As an extension of the Dove Real Beauty, Real Women campaign they partner with Hasbro and Big W to create a limited edition real women dolls to take on Barbie.

On a month long tour Dove and Hasbro set up roadshows in Big W stores where real women are invited to be immortalised as role models for young Australian girls.  A 3-D printer will create a model of the women who participate which they will get to keep but it will also potentially become a blueprint for the dolls when they go into production. The women will also get to name their model, it can either be their name or one their choosing.

Hasbro will curate and manufacture the 8 most diverse body shapes which will then be sold at Big W.  It will be sold in a bubble pack with Dove product and will sit both in the toys aisle and in the health and beauty aisle.

The goal will be to sell more real women role model dolls than Barbie within the same period.

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