Ten’s celebs take on food and renovation in the battle for reality top spot

Ten’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! launched to an impressive 1.2M TTPL Sunday, 1st Feb. This is the best launch the network has had since 2009 when reality powerhouse Masterchef topped the networks’ ratings. I’m a Celebrity… resulted in an incredible +115% lift of their TTPL audience YOY, whilst managing to come in a strong second for the night against P25-54 and P16-39.

The launch was up against two major sporting events- One Day Cricket- Final on Nine and The Australian Open Men’s Final on Seven. Live sport is extremely hard to compete against, so Ten being able to crack the 1M mark is fantastic news for the network.

Whilst Ten have reason to celebrate this feat, there is still a long list of top rating programming to come which will be the real test if the new reality franchise can hold up moving forward.

The second episode ran up against the launch of 2015’s MKR on Seven and The Block: Triple Threat on Nine. MKR proved too hard to contend with and we saw I’m a Celebrity… drop -35% to 755K TTPL. Whilst this may seem to be a significant decline, Ten would have been prepared for the drop and the network should still be satisfied with this figure as it still provides a strong lift YOY.

The third night of the series saw further declines against TTPL, down to 703K and on the Wednesday night (4th night) it dropped to its lowest number 603k.

Thursday saw MKR out of the schedule, resulting in a stronger performance of I’m a Celebrity… with a TTPL audience of 698K.

Last night was its second Sunday on air, delivering a strong 744K TTPL and ranking 7th for the night. The fact it was up against specials Inside the Siege, The Untold Story (7) & 60 Minutes (9) – also a special edition on last year’s siege- both of which brought in 1M+ should be noted. The fact they held their own against rival networks is a great result.

Whilst MKR has dominated each night, we did see that the competition between The Block: Triple Threat and I’m a Celebrity… was close and on P25-54 it was just ahead by 50k each night.

The demos of P16-39 & P25-54 paint a positive picture for Ten. I’m a Celebrity… came in second on its launch night and has remained in the top 6 across both of these demographics on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday saw the program come in second against P25-54 and third against P16-39.

TTPL Audiences of Ten’s I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here…


P25-54- I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here VS The Block: Triple Threat


The programme has had a strong presence online as well. One of the Ten’s key metrics at their 2015 upfronts was online presence, so these figures are very important to the network. The launch saw the #Imacelebrityau hashtag grab 3,581 tweets, but this number rose to a whopping 48,931 when you include the celebs# are included in the mix. To put this in perspective, the launch of MKR saw #MKR & #countrycousins grab 9,721 mentions and #theblock, #theblock2015, #theblockshop, #roomreveals, #triplethreat, recieved 1,515 mentions in total.


We have seen the program now average across the week 700k (excl launch) and this ensures Ten an increase in audience YOY.  It also will place I’m a Celebrity… in a top 5 position on the key demos each night.

Good news for advertisers ensuring there are 3 competitive Networks in the key buying demographics.  The question is still can they sustain this position 5 nights a week across 6 weeks?  It seems they do have plenty of twists and turns to come with already this week announcing a celebrity couple to enter camp.  These twists plus the program will go into final elimination rounds prior to the other big franchises should keep the audiences engaged.

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