The people are our future

The media industry has always been obsessed with one thing. The pitch win! The latest win is plastered all over the trade press and the agency gets that adrenaline shot from being in the spotlight and the joy of bragging rights over its rivals.

In fact how often are agencies deemed a success not based on the quality of the work they do, the strength/length of their existing clients relationship and their innovative approaches but rather on how much business they have won that year?

It seems to me that we need to remember that there is more to success than headlines and the heady experience of a pitch win.

It’s fairly simple an agency that wants to future proof itself for the times ahead, that wants to be an enduring success and is more than a flash in the pan needs to concentrate on one thing, its people!

You can have the best technology in the world, the best processes, the best tools, the best clients and the greatest business plan but without the people to realise this any wins you make will be short term.

Client’s want good people on their business, period. Whilst there are other pressures in a world dominated by procurement and cost a media company that wants sustainable growth needs to invest in the people they have so they add value to their clients business and become a key partner and not just a one night stand.

Happy, motivated, talented and passionate people are the key to success in a market where it is tougher and tougher to get good people in and even tougher to retain them.

Companies need to invest in training, career development, culture and retention strategies to make sure they hold on to their biggest assets.

This is not to say that having great people automatically equals success. You need a sustainable business plan, leadership, structure and an environment conducive to success.

The people are, however, the ones that will drive this success and turn a good company into a great company, good work into award winning work and a nice place to work into the best place to work.

New business is great but great people are better.


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