1Teaching old dogs new tricks

Digiday reports on a new trend impacting advertising agencies – the idea of “old agency dogs learning new tricks”. The article showcases Ryan Craig, who despite a background in account service has taught himself code and released his own app. He describes this as something borne of necessity, and that agency staff no longer have the luxury of not needing to learn how to do digital based work.

Full article: http://digiday.com/agencies/old-dogs-new-tricks-older-employees-learn-speak-digital/


2Facebook reports record revenue and 60+% YOY growth

Techcrunch showcases Facebook’s record Q2 revenue, which is up 60+% YOY and has Facebook share price booming in the immediate aftermath. Facebook is seeing increased growth in all key metrics – total users, average daily users, mobile uptake, revenue and EBITDA; resulting in net profit over the past 12 months in excess of $2b as the company continues to improve yield. The challenge for Facebook now is to balance their corporate growth with the need for efficacy and results from advertisers using the platform.

Full article: http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/23/facebook-q2-2014-earnings/


3Murdoch making aggressive moves for Time Warner

The NY Times has some analysis around 20th Century Fox’s acquisition play for Time Warner, which is a complex mix of cash and stock that would see Time Warner effectively absorbed into 20th Century Fox (Murdoch’s film, entertainment and non-Australian TV entity) to create what they claim would be the world’s largest media company by revenue (not market cap). Time Warner have rejected this approach however experts say the deal is far from over, with Murdoch encountering similar resistance in his pursuit of Dow Jones/WSJ in 2007 yet eventually snaring his target. A Fox/Time Warner combined entity would control significant elements of the world’s TV, film and broadcast content as well as broadcast infrastructure.

Full article: http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/07/18/how-murdochs-bid-for-time-warner-stacks-up-against-other-deals/?ref=media


4Australian’s screen habits on show in new Nielsen and Oztam report

David Dale of the SMH takes a brief look at Australian’s screen habits as measured by the new Nielsen and OZtam report. The main take out are the dramatically different usage patterns of broadcast TV and online video of different age segments. 18-24’s spend 45 hours watching broadcast TV and 16.2 watching video online. Whilst 65+ spend over 140 hours watching broadcast TV and only 2 watching video online. As audiences age their video consumption moves from smaller screen internet enabled devices to the big screen TV. OMD has conducted some topline analysis of this new report we would be happy to share with you.

Full article: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/blogs/the-tribal-mind/how-australians-entertain-themselves-20140719-3c7h1.html


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