This Week in Digital: New Year Edition

We thought we’d kick-start the year with some stats from the year past, this week’s news round-up as well as some big predictions for 2012.

  • SOPA/PIPA caused a massive outcry this week:The proposed legislation sparked some of the world’s most popular websites to go dark for 24 hours in protest.
  • Leading industry experts expressed major concerns over such a broad and rushed bill being passed.
  • #blackoutSOPA inspired a massive online demonstration, with 87,000 people changing their profile pictures.
  • This huge online protest resulted in the legislation being postponed until further consultations take place – win!
  • MegaUpload fell victim to a mega piracy indictment, spooking similar file sharing sites into tightening up.
  • But where do we draw the line? Are sites such as Sound Cloud, Dropbox & RapidShare guilty of piracy too?

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