Top tips to land your first job in media

Elizabeth Blaker is OMD’s People & Development Executive.



Our people team at OMD have spent the last month hunting for the best young talent to join OMD’s 2017 internship program in Sydney, and boy, were we excited when our new interns arrived at our front door, ready to embark on their OMD journey.

Landing your first gig in media, whether it be an internship or graduate role, can be challenging when competing against so many, so here are our tops tips to help you get in front of the competition.

Get networking!

You’ve probably heard this again and again, but extending your network will really help you get ahead. You need people in your corner, promoting you when job opportunities become available. By attending industry networking events, university career talks or participating in external university projects/competitions you can meet some incredible media professionals, and if you make the right connections you’ll be kept in their sights for new roles and opportunities. Make sure you keep in touch with them and update them on your timeline to full-time work.

The little things do matter (& first impressions count!)

It’s easy to fall into the routine of applying for jobs and sending a stock standard CV to every HR rep or recruiter you can find. However, it’s important to take a moment to review and proof check your CV – I can’t count the number of applications I’ve received with spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar.  One of the most common employee traits listed in graduate job ads is ‘attention to detail’, and your CV can be an easy win in portraying this trait. A friend of mine recently told me her story of being rejected from her dream job, and the reason why she didn’t make it past the first stage was because she had spelled her name wrong! This may seem a little harsh, but you need to remind yourself you are up against other students and young professionals hungry for the same role.

Make yourself standout for the right reasons

The first question I ask any applicant is ‘what do you know about OMD’. This may seem obvious and a little unnecessary, but I continue to be surprised by those who can’t even list one thing. You can tick the box with many employers by listing their key clients and by giving a general overview of what the company does, but beyond that how can you make yourself stand out? My favourite answer to this question was from a graduate applying to become a Trading Assistant. She told me how she had researched our Chief Investment Officer at the time, listing his career achievements, and that one day she hoped to be just as successful in her career. Her response told me that she was ready to commit herself 100% to the role if she was hired (and she was!)

Be yourself !

As I come into work everyday, I’m thankful to be surrounded by people who allow me to be myself and embrace me for it. You too should love where you work and feel comfortable to be yourself (don’t forget even as a grad or intern you still have options). There’s no point selling yourself as someone you’re not in an interview because you’ll soon realise that this is difficult to maintain, and you’ll end up working somewhere where your values and interests don’t align. We want YOU and all your hidden quirks, talents and creativity, so remember to showcase these in your application.

So there you have it, our tops tips on how to land your first job in media! Good luck!


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