What do you like about media?

MediaScope’s Brains Trust recently asked me the question What do you like about media – and why is the media sector a good career choice?

mediaI’ve been in media a fair few years now and I think now is the most exciting time that I can remember.

When I was a boy (alongside Adam) the brain power required was enough to take the advertising agencies creative and decide how you split your clients budget across television, print, radio and outdoor to get either the highest coverage or the most frequency. If you worked hard and fast in the morning you could have a leisurely lunch as reward.

As for the effectiveness of your advertising well sales usually saw some sort of uplift so it must have worked!

And then came along the internet and the game changed.

Starting as traditional display media units digital has transformed the communication landscape enabling clients to become media owners themselves through their owned channels and build communities and communicate with their customers in individually contextually relevant real time ways via earned social channels.

Media’s role is no longer just to display advertising but to build a powerful sales building channels that are now as accountable and as important to the CEO as the CMO.

Another good test of media as a career choice is when you compare it to the working lives of other industries. In media the majority of people are fun loving under 30’s, most companies invest in training and building a positive culture and you don’t have to buy your own beer very often! Now most of my friends work outside the media industry and they consider media glamorous and can’t believe how many perks of the job there are.

Maybe it’s time for us to appreciate that where we are standing the grass maybe is greener.


This article was first published on MediaScope.


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