What will you #startbetter for 2015?

This week OMD has launched Clinique’s first brand equity campaign in social media. The #StartBetter campaign launches across all Clinique social media channels with an inspirational video that begins with the question, “When was the last time…you did something for the first time?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUFkPLTztYs#t=11


The campaign, which is designed to engage the consumer and resonate with her on a personal level, invites the consumer to celebrate a universal human truth: everyone deserves to #StartBetter, whether they are graduating college, starting a new job, beginning a new relationship, moving to a new city or looking for a positive outlook on a new day.

Coffee MoneyAs part of the Clinique #StartBetter campaign OMD has set-up a real time Powder Room Control Centre running directly out of the OMD Sydney Office this week with a team of 8 staff interacting with fans via social media, providing personalized content to celebrate user promises to #StartBetter. The content animates engagement with fans, and also to reminds everyone that each commitment to #StartBetter is a joyful step towards a better version of the future.

In Australia the campaign will also see the brand partner with 3 Influencers across nutrition, travel and graphic design. These three influencers will take Clinique fans on a journey of their own #StartBetter inspired manifesto.

“This is a campaign celebrating fresh starts, new beginnings and bold steps forward,” said Agnes Landau, SVP Global Marketing, Clinique. “Clinique stands for more than great products; we stand for the right to be the best version of oneself, inside and out. Anyone can join us in making a commitment to starting better right here, right now.”

Log onto the Clinique facebook page to #StartBetter for 2015: https://www.facebook.com/CliniqueAustralia

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