Who is Dolph Lundgren?



Dolph Lundgren

“Who is Dolph Lundgren?” I overheard someone in their early-20s asking yesterday, which brought a wry smile to my face.

To anyone of a certain age – over 36 I reckon, he was the 80’s powerhouse actor who killed Apollo Creed and threatened to “break” Rocky in the imaginatively titled Rocky 4. Now, he is making a resurgence like most 80’s action heroes in the Expendables franchise (OMG Client plug: Village Roadshow’s Expendables 3 featuring Dolph Lundgren amongst other older ‘legends’ of the screen coming to a cinema near you soon).

It made me realise just how quickly things that are part of popular culture for one generation are extinct from the psyche of the next.  Conversely, the music, clothes, tech usage, and particular dance moves of the younger generation are an absolute anathema to the aforementioned 36 year olds and older (not to everyone but for the purposes of this, a sweeping generalisation will suffice).

Rather than using this jump point to talk about new technology and digital stuff, as you’d probably expect in my all too infrequent blogs/emails, I won’t. I’ll talk to current events and their historical foundations. As well as loving media and technology, I also love History.

If you don’t go back a few more generations (exactly a century ago) it’s very easy to not appreciate or understand some of the geo-political things that are going on now in every news bulletin and broadsheet front page are a direct consequence of World War One (or The Great War) which reset the map of nation states particularly in the Middle East (see current and ongoing Israeli-Palestinian combat in Gaza) and in Eastern Europe (the tragic events playing out in the Ukraine).

There is a very short, but very well written article from this week’s Time Magazine that puts that context quite succinctly. I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to understand just a little more about today’s events gives it a 2 minute read over lunchtime…as well as watching Dolph’s back catalogue!

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