Why curiosity may have killed the cat

 – but will propel you career (and make you more interesting at the same time!)

In the hope that a few lines don’t breach copyright – and hopefully encourage a few of you to buy his book, I have just finished Brian Grazer (TV and Movie Producer of 24, Apollo 13, Beautiful Mind, Arrested Development etc…who set up Imagine Entertainment with Ron Howard (always will be Richie Cunningham) A Curious Mind Leads To a Bigger Life. (P.S. Thank you to Sunita at the AANA for the book in the first place).

According to Grazer, curiosity can give you the courage to be adventurous and ambitious. Even if that starting point is one of slight discomfort – and more than that, curiosity can conquer fear.

Having taken up surfing and painting because of proximity to experts in the field he says that:

“I wasn’t trying to be a world class painter or surfer, I was just curious to taste the joy, the thrill the satisfaction that those people got from mastering something that is both hard and rewarding…Curiosity gives you power It’s not the kind of power that comes from yelling and being aggressive. It’s a quiet kind of power. It’s a cumulative power. Curiosity is power for real people, its power for people who don’t have superpowers….Not knowing the answer opens up the world, as long as you don’t try and hide what you don’t know.”

In the same way Thomas De Long’ s book “Flying without a Net” encourages leaders to not fear trying to do the right thing well, when you recognise you have to develop from doing the wrong things well.  The paralysis of leaders not changing as a result of ‘looking bad’ is one that all secretly harbour, but need to discuss with those around them – at home, at work, with friends and even with clients.

If, as Tim Worner at the Seven Network presentations last week said, that in his business more has changed in the last 18 months than the preceding 18 years – not unique to the TV/Media business at all – this is something that all leaders will have to recognise, to embrace the fear of the unknown and get curious!

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