FUSE FRIDAY’S: Why Thinking ‘Branded Content’ is Thinking Small


When I sat down to write this post, I did what anyone else in my position would do. I started searching around for inspiration… AdWeek, Contently, blogs, etc. Then I got side-tracked and started reading about how the latest rage in Asia is girls taking selfies showing off their unshaven armpits. You know, the ushe.

But through all this, I came across the holy grail of branded-content brands, Red Bull, and what this genius-marketing-innovator is doing now that’s making us all fall off our chairs in jealousy and admiration.

As of 21st July, Red Bull launched version 1.3 of its Red Bull App chock full of extreme images, videos and content and topped with Apple Airplay so you can air it to your TV. On 1st August, it was the latest version of their Red Bull TV app. So many inspirational stories, people and original series (plus LIVE coverage of Lollapalooza – I mean, what?!) that you shouldn’t have to turn on your TV for weeks.

We’ve heard it over and over but the way Red Bull has step-by-step transformed themselves into a brand publisher, is truly one of the marketing case studies of our time. And the reason they’ve gotten to where they are is because they never settled for just doing ‘branded content.’ They achieved this years ago and knew they were destined for more.

Now they’re sitting pretty with apps, original series, live shows and the jewel in the crown, Red Bull Media House, which, I think, should be the ambition of any brand worth its content salt. Red Bull Media House licenses its own content and offers other brands partnership opportunities – a clear revenue source that will continue with huge future potential.

But we’re not all there yet. As another Asian once said (probably with hairy armpits): “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Wise words.


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