Wind forward to the future…


…it’s Christmas 2019 and I’ve just done my Christmas shopping whilst lying on Bondi beach!

It was so easy this year, it took me about twenty minutes to buy gifts for all my friends and family. The thing that really changed my shopping habits was when Facebook bought Amazon. Social shopping is amazing! They know all the brands you follow and all the products that you have looked at and bought. Facebook makes recommendations on brands and products that my friends and family will like as gifts. My Dad is just about the only person who doesn’t use Amazon, but they just use his Facebook profile to match him to other people like him and make suggestions that way. Because I’m linked up with my sister’s, Facebook makes sure that it doesn’t give us the same recommendation, so he never gets two of the same thing.

The other place I buy from is eBay. I started using their auctions about 15 years ago, but the idea of waiting 7 days to find out if I’ve won seems crazy now. My shopping has become instant, I want to buy with as few clicks as possible and have it delivered straight away. I just love the ‘swipe to buy’ function that eBay brought in a couple of years ago. If I see a product I like, I hit my eBay button on my phone and it automatically searches for the product and then I make one swipe and I’m done. If I want the product right now then they find a seller who can deliver quickly and I can have it that afternoon, so I never need to go to the shops. I saw a tweet about a new range of Nike sneakers last week, which I thought were so cool I just tweeted back BUY and that was it.  They even gave me free postage if I retweeted the picture.

I have to do my groceries next but that is easy too. I’ve got an App called Feed Me on my phone which tells me what’s in my cupboards and in the fridge. It even knows when things are going off and tells me based on how much I use them when I need to rebuy. It’s already selected the list of essentials that I need and last night I added a dish that I saw on the TV. Feed Me is on my smart TV as well, so I just hit a button on the remote and it adds the products straight to my list. Last night I wasn’t sure what to cook so I used the recommendation function, it knew what I had in the fridge and found a recipe that would work and wasn’t too complicated for me. When I’ve got more time and want to be more adventurous it can tell me the extra things to buy and how much time I need to cook everything. It knows I prefer Jamie Oliver to Donna Hay so it mostly tends to be his recipes that I cook. Feed Me means that I hardly ever run out of things and I get all my groceries delivered. The best thing is that I can let it track me on my way home so they can deliver when I’m in, or I can see how far away they are. If I change my plans and I’m not going to be home for a delivery then I have them take it to my neighbourhood drop shop. I suppose it’s kind of like the reverse of a post office, they are open 24/7 and have locking chilled delivery boxes, while also handling my  returns for all my online clothes shopping. Post Offices disappeared years ago, if only they had reinvented themselves there could still be one in every suburb!

Ciaran Challis is our OMD Renegade Writer of the Month

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