XXXX Island – Gold!

I’m loving the latest from XXXX – taking out of home to the extreme with the XXXX Island. But, where to from here I ask? Working in a team that specialises in content and engagement I’d be silly not ask; how are they going to share this XXXX ‘golden’ paradise with the rest of us?

What I really like about this is that it is based on an undoubtedly true insight that man has always longed for a sanctuary to call their own to enjoy the ‘Good Life’ and the shed no longer cuts it. I do wonder whether or not XXXX will stay true to their insight however and leave this as an opportunity for men only or will they open the Island to women? I know there has been discussion around this and let’s face it, us girls have always wondered what they actually get up to, is this the chance for us to find out or…do we really want to?

Be it just men, or men & women who eventually end up taking on the wild island – the real interest is in how they plan on sharing this experience with the rest of us. No way will the enjoyment remain with the lucky winners of the competition who make the visit (not for such a big investment).

My prediction is that this will be socially driven (unsurprisingly), encouraging entrants to share their requests for the design and activities on the Island before the lucky few making the journey there. I foresee this playing out really nicely in a branded content piece for TV (the Getaway integration worked well) or online where we can all revel in the experience of the XXXX Island – and it goes without saying that immense support from an integrated media plan will play a massive part. Out of home meets social, meets branded content, and beyond – that’s what I see!

With the amount of PR they’ve managed to drive so far, no doubt all eyes and ears will be on the XXXX Island, looking to see what they do with it when October rolls around…Pressure’s on!

How do you see the future of the XXXX Island?

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